Some things we did this week:

Went swimming, had people over for dinner.

Herbie and Ruby launched rockets at the library.

Woo attacked Moses with a windsock.

Archie attempted scissors.

Linus tried not to smile (without success).

Penelope discovered the joys of magnets.

I put my foot in my mouth once or maybe five times.

Archie mastered the somersault.

Car overheated and stalled just off the freeway in Orem, but we still managed to see baby Bergen (Very cute. Sorry, no pictures.) Went to temple. Vivint BBQ.

Kids made $$$ selling flapjack drizzle at the pancake breakfast. Ruby has the guts. Linus has the looks. Several people told us they bought the drizzle just because he was so cute.

Herbie would prefer to set up chairs for the parade.

Christine and kids visited for the parade, some slides down the waterslide and lunch.

Six kids on a skate board.

The kids use their light up wands before the fireworks.

Nellpea (messing up ("expelliarmus"): Smelliest armess! 
Jabs the stick in my armpit. 
Me: Oh, you found them. 
Woo (nodding): It is a magic wand.
Old-timer: You going to watch the firecrackers? 
Moses: They're actually called fireworks
We eat crackers.
We all realize that the Fourth of July is a long day.

After prayers, talks with Bishops, Stake Presidents, exercising patience... Our ward finally changes the block meeting order to Sacrament Meeting first! Thanks, First Presidency!!

Lots of neighbors bring us their leftover holiday food--they know we'll eat it.

Hope you all had a great week!