We had a windfall of new things this week: a new (to us) minivan, a new (to us) dryer, and all the sodas and licorices and oreos a kid could dream of.

Woo finally bit the bullet on a new car. He'd been watching the classifieds for months. He knew what he was going to get (a Honda Odyssey), what was a good deal, and how quickly they were going. So when he saw one on Tuesday in Tooele, he enlisted the help of his dad and drove down to get it right away.

I didn't tell the kids where he was going, just that he was coming home with a surprise, which was enough to hype up the kids.
Linus: Remember when dad brought home chips and fireman hats!?!?
The new van has inspired Herbie and Moses to name all car brands while driving and feel a special kinship to anyone who has a Honda. Archie, however, is still stuck in last week at the family reunion.
Herbie: Hey! Look! It's another Honda! 
Archie: Not Hondo, Herbie! Condo!
Woo also drove away with Archie Saturday morning and came home with a new dryer (ours bit the dust about the time the basement flooded last week). Ruby and Herbie helped him move it into the house.

Grandma, Bruce and Konn also made their annual Pioneer Day lunch visit. The kids were super excited about all the treats they brought, especially the drinks. Which Herbie thought was "epic," a word he picked up from cousins at the family reunion and has been using every few minutes since.

Herbie discovered the American Girl book collections. (The books that correspond with the American Girl dolls.) He says they remind him of Betsy, Tacy and Tibb, and I was surprised to see that the library has a large number of them. Herbie's most recent library checkouts were: The Genius Files 2, Zombie Kids, a biography on Lebron James, and a basketball novel, along with Meet Felicity and Meet Caroline from the American Girls.

Turning four has really motivated Penelope to try harder to be a better person.
Penelope: Remember when I did (bad thing) when I was three? I'm not going to do it 
anymore because I'm four. 
One incident that she's brought up a couple of times is the time she took Archie's donut when he wasn't looking and stuffed it in her mouth.
Me: Did you feel bad?  
Penelope: No. I felt good. 
But it was not right. I'm not going to do it anymore because I'm four. 
A great mystery for all kids:
Penelope (singing the winnie the pooh song): Windy a poo, windy a poo ... Why does 
windy a poo start with poo? 
Penelope explained our bidet to Archie.
Penelope: Archie! That's a psink--a potty that's a sink. I wish I was a mom and dad and 
had a sink that washed our bum.
Also, Penelope named her new birthday doll this week--Elizabelle.

I'm not totally sure, but I think Archie might be pretty smart. He has a great memory for people. When I told the kids Grandma Marva was coming, he said, "Oh, Grandma Marva! She's my friend. She's nice to me." I can't remember the last time he's seen Grandma Marva--Christmas? That's a quarter of his lifetime ago.

Some kid with a beard blessed the Sacrament and Archie kept pointing at him and saying, "Josey."
Me: Does he look like Josey, Archie? 
Archie: Uh-huh.
Where'd your shorts go, Archie? 
Oh, right dere!
Woo (reading a scripture for Archie to repeat): Wherefore it came to pass that my father, 
Archie: ...it came to pass that my's dad, Lehi... 
Someone in our ward (for some reason) decided to hire Ruby to take care of their dogs while they were out of town. Ruby (and Woo) jumped at the chance and went over to learn what needed to be done. Of course, Woo had to go into work the first day on the job, so I and all the rest of the kids headed over to lend Ruby a hand.

Ruby cracked open the backdoor, shouted "stay!" a few hundred times, then opened the door wide and released two pent-up dogs. It was pandemonium. The dogs wanted the kids, the kids wanted me, and everyone converged (screaming and barking) on me. I was able to get ahold of the dogs' collars which stopped the running, but not the noise, since the kids were still terrified and torn about wanting me, but not wanting to get any closer to the dogs. Ruby ran to get the leashes, and once they were on, was able to lead them away and get her job done.

She and Herbie learned a lot that first visit, and we've even been able to send them both alone to feed, water and walk the dogs.

Linus: Mom! Did you know Grandma and Grandpa are your mom and dad!?
Linus and Penelope were a great help moving #10 cans of wheat back into place in the basement. Linus even decided he could carry two at a time and felt super strong doing it.

When Moses decides to be a peacemaker, he has a great ability to work well with the other kids and get stuff done. The trick is getting him to have confidence in himself and want to do it, when someone else is being mean and cranky and Moses is panicking. I did manage to remind him one morning when he and Herbie were struggling to get their room clean. I saw the light turn on in his head, he said ok, and he marched upstairs, made peace with Herbie and they got the place clean in no time (also messed it up later in no time :). I was very proud to see him try it again on his own on cranky Linus who refused to sit in the chairs at the DMV, while Woo and I registered the van,

Well, that's all for this week. Hope you all had a good one!