Penelope knows babies come out of big bellies...
Penelope: Mom, who did you come out of?  
Me: Grandma Sandy 
Penelope: Mom, were you there? Or were you a doll first and Grandma put you under her shirt? 

Which led to me ask this question:
Me: Do you know where you were before you were born?  
Penelope: Yeah, at the rental.
Ruby: Let's play Simon Says after this. 
Herbie: No! Chanades!  
Or grenades!  
Or whatever it's called... 

Penelope doesn't quite get the rules of Charades. When it's her turn she's constantly changing what she is because she acts out the last guess.

She's a dog... "Tiger!" Then a tiger... "Snake!" Then a snake... until she finally gets tired, stands up, and says, "Yep. You got it."

Herbie has been complaining about me singing alto for months. I finally figured out it's because he starts singing alto too, and he'd rather sing the melody.

Herbie was very tired, reading his scriptures at an annoying, halting pace. Or so I thought.
Woo: Herbie! Turn your scriptures right side up.
Problem solved.

Herbie got a surprise at a friend's baptism. He went up to tell her congratulations and she gave him a big hug, then hoisted him four inches off the floor.

Linus and Moses were very encouraging while Woo was teaching Penelope to ride her bike. They circled around on their own bikes, offering up genuine, "Good job, Nelps!" and "You're doing awesome!"

Moses has also started to read stories to Linus. Moses' reading level and Linus' interest level are almost a perfect match.

Archie got to start on the skuut, which he's very excited about until he's actually on it and we tell him to run. Then he says, "No. I not want to."

All Archie's underwears and pants have started sliding to the floor. We're only safe if we dress him in 12 month shorts or pants. He must be slimming down.

Ruby has been a wunderkind with Archie this summer. She loves to be with him and help him, and I can ask her to help out with almost anything to get the job done quicker. She's spent a lot of time this week perfecting her drawings of Tintin and Snowy. And she got so desperate for a new book to read, she read DUNE, which she loved. Time for another trip to the library.

We were gifted even more Fourth of July leftovers this week, and finally finished them off today. I only had to make dinner twice. I ran some good intervals and the calf sprain I got a couple weeks ago is completely gone. I also got a speeding ticket about a mile from home and about five minutes after Woo reminded me to slow down.

Woo has finally found a good time for him to go for a regular bike ride. On his ride on Friday, he saw a mother and baby moose, a few deer and a skunk. He was positive the skunk sprayed him, but none of us could smell it on him. Maybe he's just paranoid now.

This picture reminded of me of a story. When I worked a summer in Switzerland, I went to church in Basel for a couple months until I figured out there was a closer ward in Reinach. Adele Schmidt was a member of the Reinach ward. (She's the sister of Richard, the man on the right, who Dad baptized at the end of his mission.)

I think my first Sunday in the new ward, Adele stood up in Relief Society and said that my dad was the person who had led her to the church.

She thought the LDS church and everything about it was ludicrous, and she thought Richard and Anita were crazy to be joining, but one day she was visiting while the missionaries were over. Dad bore his testimony and the Spirit told Adele it was true. Dad went home. His mission was over. But Adele started investigating the church and was baptized.

The end.

I hope you all had a great week!