We almost had a normal, quiet week with Herbie cleaning some more windows,

Penelope and Archie reading their baby a story,

Linus pushing Ruby around in his train,

Moses pushing other kids in the tractor,

Moses and Herbie doing a few old-fashioned stick-pulls,

But then Ruby chipped a huge chunk out of her front tooth. My first ridiculous thought was something along the lines of, "Now she'll never get married...," but I laughed, gave her a hug and told her we'd get it fixed.

And in less than an hour, she found the missing piece, we walked down to the dentist and had it bonded on. You can't even tell.

Archie had a potty accident while playing outside. At least three kids ran inside in a panic to report it. I finished up what I was doing and walked outside. He was crouched behind his dump truck.
Archie: Why is everyone screaming, Mom?  
What is everyone screaming about? 
Me: I don't know, Archie. You tell me. 
Archie: Nothing, Mom. It's nothing.
While I carried him back in the house he chanted, "Archie-medes smart, Archie-medes smart, ..."
Arguably, the smartest kid would've made it in to the potty.

And then on Friday I sent Herbie up to his room to take a break after hitting Moses, and instead he decided to run away. I wasn't too worried. He'd tried to run away once before, packed up all his stuff, but kept coming back every few seconds with some ridiculous excuse of why he couldn't leave quite yet. All the other kids were crying... he never made it past the back porch.

But this time he shouted, "I'm leaving my pillow! I'm going to have to come back for my pillow!" while the rest of us settled down to read a story. He was gone a long time. I figured he was hiding somewhere in the yard, and sent Ruby out for a quick jog around the house, when I got a text from my visiting teacher. Herbie was at her house. He'd walked across town with his three packed bags.

She and her husband thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. They fed him raspberries and an ice cream sandwich and drove him home with a tub of licorice for his efforts.
Me: Why'd you go to the Maxwells, Herbie? 
Herbie: I knew they'd help me. 
Me: Help you what? 
Herbie: Help me get back home.
I thought the whole point was to run away from home.

We're starting to get some cooler, end-of-summer winds come through. A few days have even felt like fall. We flew kites one evening after dinner. Penelope's and Moses' flew the best (thanks to Woo).

Linus likes to get up in the morning and get Archie's placemat and breakfast dishes along with his own. It's a great help and because Ruby (and sometimes Herbie) likes to make Archie's breakfast and I taught the older two how to make eggs, I'm almost totally off the hook for getting these kids breakfast.

Woo's been sick for almost two weeks now. It's sinuses or allergies or exhaustion or something. He can't seem to kick it and feels pretty miserable a lot of the time.

Well, that's about it. Hope you had a great week!