Thanks to cousin Ben for having a birthday and Aunt Christine's generosity, the kids visited a rock climbing gym for the first time. They loved it.

Linus was extremely cautious. He wouldn't climb higher than a foot for more than an hour. Part of the problem was his weight was right under the recommended weight and some of the auto-belays wouldn't let him down. But he really got into it and started having fun, right when it was time to go.

Penelope hated the harness. Good thing there were giant blocks to stack and ride.

I assigned a new daily chore for the older three kids this week: run two times around the park (a mile). I was thinking of how Karen thought it was so great that Ruby's class ran a mile a day last year, and how Ruby wouldn't be doing it in fifth grade anymore, and I was like, why am I not having my kids run every day? Anyway, it's been a raging success. Ruby and Moses love it. Herbie pretends to hate it because he can't beat Ruby, but really he enjoys it.

There are a few things Ruby has been asking me periodically for years. Some are: What's the highest number you've ever counted to? and What's your favorite color? And I always answer the same thing, which obviously isn't very memorable. The answers are: I don't know and I don't have one. I like them all.

Herbie had an enjoyable week.
Herbie: Mom, when I'm finished can I clean some more windows? 
Me: Yes. 
Herbie (jumping up): Yeah!
He cleaned some outside windows and vacuumed out the new van in his free time. We don't take advantage of his love of work often enough.

Archie is an excellent hider. Unlike any of our other kids (still), he really understands how to stay in one place and not make any noise at all, even if the seeker is staring right at him. I actually lost him for a few minutes before naps. He was right behind me and then, suddenly, he was gone. I checked all his usual spots, but he wasn't there. I called his name, ran upstairs, downstairs, looked in all the rooms, asked everyone if they'd seen him. Then I started checking unusual spots. Finally, I shone the flashlight on my phone in the darkest corner of the closet under the stairs, and there he was, smiling at me. I'd looked in there before and yelled his name, but he had kept his cover.

Moses (coming indoors, sweating): I'm hot, Mom! 
But not the cute hot, the regular hot.

Woo spent the last hour of his fast today lying on the bed, thinking about napping, but mostly keeping his nose as close to the plums as possible. He thought they were tantalizing. Also, he's looking for a mountain bike for Ruby, but bought me one instead. I'm almost ready to take it up again. At least once :).

Well, that's about it. Hope you had a great week!