After having six kids, I have a very wrinkly belly. It doesn't bother me, but I also don't appreciate it like Penelope does.
Penelope (gasping): Mom! You have a BEA-U-TIFUL belly! There's flowers on your belly!
Me (turning to the next page in the hymn book--I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day--and muttering under my breath to Woo): Do we have to sing this one? 
Moses (also turning to the next page): This is my favorite song!
Which effectively answered my question.

My boys are finally heading to church with nicely combed hair thanks to big sister Ruby being handy with water and a comb. She works really hard, and they all admire themselves in the mirror, and in about half an hour you can't tell anything's been done at all.

Here's Archie "bunching."

He's responsible for the flip flops over socks.

Here he is in his camouflage speedo. Woo's responsible for that.

Herbie (to me): I want you and me to run away.
Me (hedging): Who would earn the money? 
Herbie: We would. You could babysit other kids... (like maybe my own??), and I'd do... stuff... 
Woo: Well, I wish you two well, where ever you go. 
Me: We'll be at the Maxwells.

Woo took the four oldest kids bike camping one night. On their way out I noticed Linus and Moses in flip flops.
Me: Flip flops probably aren't the best camping shoes. 
Moses and Linus: Dad's wearing flip flops. 
Me: Okay...

And sure enough Linus' broke and he had to ride home barefoot. Woo was helping walk up the last long hill when luckily someone hiked by who could stay with him so Woo could sprint up ahead, drop off his load of stuff and check on the other kids at the van, then sprint back to Linus. He rode back with Linus on his shoulders and Linus' bike draped across his handlebars.

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!