Too bad Labor Day wasn't the most exciting part of our week. It was definitely the most fun thing and about the only place we took any pictures (Sorry, they don't show everyone and they're not very good--unless you like pictures of Moses picking his nose.) We all loved the rodeo, especially the clowns, and it was good to see so many of you, and then Woo's family at dinner.

Last week after I cleaned out the office, Woo got steadily better until Saturday, when he got steadily worse. Neither of us slept much Sunday night, he was coughing so much and could hardly breath. Going to Lyndy and Brody's was one of the best things we could've possibly done. Just as I noticed Woo's lips going slightly blue, Brody was there with his nebulizer. It was a lifesaver and carried Woo through most of the day and night. He could breathe ok, but started coughing up fluid from his lungs.

We figured there must still be something in the house, but didn't know what. A lot of people suggested mold (after all the basement floodings), but Woo was pretty sure it was mouse related. Still, we had to check. It was decided that I would open the crawlspace access in Woo's office and take a look around. This was pretty much the last thing on earth I wanted to do. But it needed to be done.

First, I stalled by flushing out the piping in the jetted tub (Hey, there could be mold there... ) Then I emptied the bookshelf over the access in Woo's office--lots of cords, gadgets and textbooks. I slid the bookshelf out, found myself a headlamp and stationed myself at the corner of the door, behind the bookshelf, with a quick escape route to my rear. I thumped on the door several times to scare any critters away, and lifted it up quick to see...

A plank of plywood screwed to the floor. I walked back out through the living room to get a screw driver where Woo and Archie and Penelope were stationed.
Woo: What if you lift the door and there's 8,000 mice staring back at you?
Um, thanks. That was exactly my fear. Did I mention I was terrified? After pulling out eight screws, I figured I'd made more than enough noise. I lifted the lid and did not see a single mouse. I didn't even see a spider. I did see a lot of white powder, which gave me a shock for a bit until I realized it was dust from when the drywall was finished in that room.

Woo was concerned about the area under the tub, but I couldn't see that without slithering into the crawlspace on my belly. Woo suggested I hold the phone down there and take pictures. Which all looked very good to me, except one spot I couldn't quite tell. Woo thought maybe I'd be able to see something through the electrical access between the vanity and tub.

I pulled out the bottom drawer of the vanity, got in there with my head lamp and saw something... I couldn't quite tell what it was... A pile of old insulation? A mouse nest? I took a few pictures before I finally figured out it was a long dead mouse, badly decomposed. (I'd show you the picture, but I don't want to make you throw-up.)

I pulled on some gloves and cleaned it all out. I had to plastic bag it all and pass it out the bathroom window to avoid carrying it all by Woo on my way to the garbage. When I was all done, I was very confident that I'd found the last, remaining problem and Woo'd be able to live comfortably in the house again.

The problem was Woo was already severely weakened and besides the asthma some bad bugs had started to take hold in his lungs. He couldn't sit and read scriptures with us. He had to stand and walk around to get air. I got him to agree to go to the Instacare when the kids were in bed. A kind neighbor ran over, and we were off.

Unfortunately for the neighbor, we spoke loudly right under Ruby's window on our way out. Ruby did her own form of investigative work, and before long, all the kids were abuzz with the knowledge that Mom and Dad had gone to the hospital and a babysitter was downstairs. When she went up to restore order, all the kids were out of bed, in the boys room, taking turns praying for Woo to live (which he did, by the way).

Moses claims it was his idea. He, Herbie and Linus all prayed before they ran down the hall to get other kids. Archie was just about to take his turn when the babysitter came up.

The wait was long. They told us two hours. Luckily, it was half that because Woo kept trying to leave. He insisted he was fine (his breathing got a lot easier in the reclining seats of the van). But I wouldn't leave. We saw the doctor and were out of there in time to make it to the pharmacy before it closed for medication for asthma and pneumonia. The asthma pretty much left after that first use of the inhaler. He was miserable the next day with junk in his lungs and the day after that with junk in his sinuses, but by Saturday he was feeling well enough to start putting his office back together. Hooray!

Well, that's all I'm going to write tonight. Back to our regularly scheduled program next week. I'm looking forward to a normal week!