On one hand, Archie's very smart. He has an excellent sense of direction. He'll often yell, "Mom, you're going the wrong way!" when he feels we should be going home and we're not yet. On the other, he's convinced that he's three and no amount of argument will make him admit he's two. I think this is because Penelope was still three when he was just learning about how old people are and that's the answer he learned from her.

Penelope has some high boots that she occasionally stuffs a toy in to sneak to church. This week it was a little obvious.

Penelope: Dad, tomorrow I'm going to sing a America song! 
And as soon as the older kids left for the bus the next day she did.
Twelve beautiful princesses, twelve beautiful princesses, twelve beautiful princesses dancing on a castle in AMERICA!
Our Sunday School lesson today was on grace and how we need Jesus Christ. The teacher kept asking different versions of the question, "Is it possible to be perfect in any one thing?" I felt he was fishing for the ol' you-can-be-perfect-at-paying-tithing answer, so when he asked, "What's one thing you're perfect at?" and Woo answered, "Imperfection." I was grateful. Woo actually earned a handshake from the teacher for that one.

Here's Woo saying goodbye to the Mercedes. It gave us a good six years for a good $3,000 and now we've faded into minivan oblivion.

And here I am being duly impressed with Woo's new iPhone.

This week I was thinking of how amazing Curious George is (the original stories). We've worn down two "big George" books, all of my kids have loved them (Herbie and Linus in particular), we go through phases of reading from it every single day, and no one ever gets tired of it. Not even me, the adult reading them over and over and over again.

This weekend was marathon weekend. We let Ruby run the 5k. I was nervous she'd sprint hard for a mile and then die out, especially when she was the only person to stand right up to the starting line. And she kind of did, but not totally. She still came in 5th place overall with a time of just over 24 minutes, which I think is great for a first 5k.

Herbie called home sick one day from school. He really was sick, with a fever, but he wished he'd kept it a secret when he realized he wasn't going to be allowed to go to pack meeting that evening. He made a valiant effort to go about business as usual and even do extra chores for me to prove he was feeling fine. He was very sad when our minds weren't changed.

Moses seems to be having a good start to the school year. "Look, Mom! I got 100% on all my spelling tests!" And then he runs to the fridge to put every single one of them, including all his artwork up. I can barely open it sometimes. He's also working through his back-to-school adjustments, which seem to be over-reacting to everything (but less than in past years) and a strange ability to not hear a thing his parents say.

Linus is going through that I-just-started-kindergarten-and-I'm-going-to-be-super-grouchy-at-home phase. Penelope seems to be his main target for some reason. Well, and me. Hopefully, we'll come up with something soon. I like him and Penelope to be friends. He also had high hopes for the kids race. "What if I win the kids race?!?!?" But unfortunately, he's still on the younger end and wasn't even close.

Well, that's it for the week. Hope yours was great!