This last week we had two days of General Conference and Woo had two days of old friends in Jackson, WY. As usual for Conference weekend, the kids watched four two hour session of talks (I still can't quite believe it myself), we ate treats, played with legos and ate cinnamon rolls (not at the same time... one per session), and cut hair.

Somehow we've succeeded in making conference a thing to look forward to. The second the first song started, the kids fell silent and stared at the choir, and they were really pretty good through all of it. (Although, I will admit I yelled two or three times at kids arguing over legos or some other thing.) The last talk or two of each session most kids got restless, but Herbie was absolutely excellent during every session. He sat perfectly still, with his eyes on the screen and listened to every word.

After President Uchtdorf's first talk, Woo (who was in Jackson Saturday) texted Thanks for being simple. I replied Thanks, I learned it from my mom. Which is true. I've only done what I know and didn't even know so many people could make things unnecessarily complicated until I left the house.

Then after listening to President Nelson's talk on women, Woo thanked me for my dedicated work as a mother, and again I had to respond that I'd learned it from my mom. How nice for me to not have to struggle with who I am and what I'm supposed to be doing. Thanks, Mom!

Herbie did speak in the middle of President Nelson's talk.
If you could understand this talk, Nellpea, you would be loving it! 

Now here are some random kid things from the rest of the week.

Ruby came home very excited one day because, "I told so-and-so to tell Isaac I like him and another so-and-so came back and says he likes me too!"

Then she said, "I'm going outside to celebrate!"

When I peeked outside, her "celebrations" were skipping around the pasture.

Archie woke up from his nap with wet pants and walked to his dresser with his legs stretched wide.
I'm walking like a tunnel.

Moses has a bit of a selective memory, I think.
Linus, remember when I was in kindergarten? Dad never wore shoes to the bus stop! And he brought ice cream! And mail!

Overheard at the breakfast table.
Ruby: Oh yeah? Do you have the best teacher ever? Do you get a 3 liter bottle of soda for your birthday!? 
Moses: Well, we get a bag of candy... 
Herbie: Actually I have the best teacher ever cuz we never get any candy. 
Me (from the kitchen): Yay, Herbie! 
I doubt Herbie actually believes that, but he does know the right thing to say. Kind of like this incident.
Herbie (racing to get ready for school): Socks are more important! 
Moses: What's more important? 
Herbie: Socks and scriptures. 
Archie: And Legos! And blocks! 
Archie has his own priorities.

Whoever forms the club wields the power...
Archie (crying): Mosey's being mean! 
Me: He is? I thought he was in your club. 
Archie: Oh! (Laughs) 
Moses: Do you want to be in my club, Archie? 
Archie: Yeah. 
Moses: Ok, let's go and play! (Run outside together, laughing.)
Archie: Mom, can I play with the cabinets?
He means magnets.

All in the same run-on thought Ruby asked why we weren't singing "Poor wafering man of Greece" ("Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief") and told us that in olden times people could only sing in Layton (Latin).

Well, that's it. Hope you had a great week!


And here's another weightlifting memory:

One year in high school (Sophmore year?) Mom and I got a gym membership together. There was a new gym in town with a smoking deal and I guess Mom had an hour free up in her schedule.

She would pick me up from school, we'd lift, then she'd drop me off at the pool where'd I'd have high school practice and (I assume) she drove around picking up all the other kids and eventually getting them to the pool for club practice.

I remember Mom being bewildered by the boxer short/sports bra look (I have no idea how that would go over now). I'm not sure I had any real opinion, but I did start wearing boxer shorts with a t-shirt.

Sometimes we would walk into the ladies area and see Grandma, lifting and chatting along with her good friend (whose name I can't remember now, but will the second I hear it. Grace?).

It only lasted a year. After that I think Mom had to start shuttling Tyson (by then a Freshman) from the junior high to high school practice during that time, and I believed weightlifting would do nothing to help my swimming. Foolish me.