We've had a lot go on the last two weeks. I'm not going to be able to even touch most of it. Notable non-everyday events were Bergen's baby blessing and our camping trip to Bryce (with pitstops in Orem) for fall break. Oh, and our twelfth wedding anniversary (which is a big thing, but we didn't do much).

Bergen's blessing was fun and good to see everyone. Here's the kids getting a closer look at the "rocks." And then those rocks all disappeared just a few minutes later.

Woo wanted to do something fun for fall break. I was ambivalent until we pulled up to the ranger station at Bryce. Then I started to think, "This might be one camping trip too many this year..." And, "This is going to be a loooong 72 hrs..." But I think I was just tired. I fell asleep before 9:30pm and other than waking just long enough to check my phone at 4:30am, I slept soundly until 7:00am.

Rain was in the forecast so we packed up early and drove to Woo's parents, where we put the kids in bed and went out to celebrate our anniversary. I think our only goal was to make it look like we'd done something exciting for the kids. We put on the two plastic fire helmets they'd all been eyeing and drove down the street. We ended up at the grocery store where Woo got a tub of moose tracks ice cream and some fancy tortilla chips (for salsa). I got some hot cinnamon flavored popcorn and a bag of snickers. Then we went back to Woo's parents to stuff ourselves silly. It was more satisfying than I expected to eat all the treats I wanted without being mobbed by kids.

Earlier in the week Archie wanted to nap with his backpack on. He was so cute curled up next to me with his blindfold covering his eyes and his little backpack over his shoulders. I tried to take a picture, but the light was too dim. Instead, I just stared at him all nap time thinking about how cute his was and how much I loved him. I thought, "This is one of the best moments of my life." And even though it doesn't seem like much of anything, it was true.

Another day Archie was in the kitchen with me getting a hug and crying about not wanting to eat his crust.
Penelope (running in from the dining room): Come here, Archie!
Linus (yelling from the table): We have a surprise for you! 
Archie runs to the table.
Linus: It's under that plate!
Archie (lifts up the plate, gasps in happiness): Oh! It's crust! 
Yes, the very same crust he wouldn't eat just seconds earlier, he happily scarfed down in seconds. Who knew Penelope and Linus were so smart?

We started home a bit late from Bergen's blessing. Kids were shouting and laughing in the van, and in general being crazy. Moses is usually one of the wiggliest and loudest.
Woo: Be quiet!
Moses: Yeah! Some people like ME are trying to go to sleep!
There's no way that was going to happen, but at least his heart was in the right place.

Penelope (staring at a group of teens in church): Mom, can I have braces for my birthday? 
And Woo made the mistake of calling her "buddy."
I'm not a buddy I'm a SWEETIE!!!
Ruby and Linus have been drawing a lot of floor plans lately. They draw a separate dream room for everyone. Theirs is always the biggest, with the largest circular window. There are a lot of slides in their houses and ladders to get into built in bunkbeds. Ruby always makes sure to draw cubbies or drawers or chests in which to place the most precious possessions of each kid. Linus made a mistake on one of his, but he thought quick, colored it purple and turned it into Dad's beanbag.

Also, Ruby's taken up lawn mowing too.

Herbie: Dad can I rake?
Woo: Sure
Herbie: Yes!! 
Then he organized all the other kids, made sure they had tools and they raked piles and moved leaves to the mulch pile while Woo and I laid in the hammock (too lazy to move so a branch wasn't covering Herbie's face).

While we were at Bryce, Woo gave a short astronomy lesson as soon as the stars came out. Ruby, Herbie and Moses bombarded him with questions about black holes and how we all would die if something went wrong with the sun. I heard the word quasar thrown out a few times, which I'm sure made everything clear to everyone. Linus, Penelope and Archie bombarded me. Penelope and Archie spent most of it arguing about whether there really was a horse (Pegasus) in the sky.

And here's a few extra pics of Penelope!

Well, that's about it. Hope you had a great week!