Moses was Star of the Week in his class. As part of that his teacher made a little booklet for him full of notes from the rest of the class. There are some nice compliments in there, such as: You are the sweeted boy in the class, and You are nice to everwon. Moses likes to read through it whenever he has some free minutes.

But our favorite was this one:

Which we found even more amusing when read out loud in Woo's ESL accent (I haven't pinpointed an exact nationality, which is probably a good thing.) Then we called Moses Mr. Looky-Handsum-Looking a few times before we decided we better stop or Moses'd write a tell-all exposing his parents as jerks who read all his love notes out loud to the whole family, then taunted him about it. But darn it's a catchy name. And of course his mother thinks it rings true.

My visiting teacher HATES visiting teaching. She hates it so much, she'd rather watch Archie and Penelope once a month for three hours while Woo and I go to the temple, then make us a delicious lunch when we get back (complete with treats) and then let Woo get a 15 minute massage in her giant massage chair. We aren't complaining.

Once I figured out those first few names from the Bohemian birth register it became a snap. I combed through that thing finding aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins... the only problem was it became something like a video game that I couldn't stop. I spent a few nights up too late on the hunt for that last sibling in the family, which was not good for me. One morning Woo was also feeling under the weather and spent the day in bed with his laptop. It was like a siren song every time I had to walk into the room and past the bed.
Me: How come I don't get to lie in bed all day?? 
Woo: Cuz you're not the bread winner, Chels!
Herbie continues to hone his organizational skills. He has Nellpea and Archie helping him unload the dishwasher, Moses and Linus helping him clean his room... He's also learning how to do it in a kind and encouraging way.

For his Daddy Day this week he helped Woo fix an old computer. Herbie loved every second of it. He felt so important.

Another morning after staying up too late (Yes, I know... I've vowed to not let this happen again... Mistakes happen, okay... ) I directed the get-ready-for-school routine from the couch. Ruby was a super woman, helping kids as well as herself get everything in order.

I really had no idea that Ruby's middle name would be so appropriate, but being merciful is one of her strongest talents. Linus started crying the second I told him he had to clean up the pen he'd scribbled on the floor and Ruby immediately hopped up for a sponge to help him. She taught him how to do it and got him working hard, which was also a huge help to me, as I was trying to get dinner on the table.

The kids got to try on a ten minute version of their costumes for a party this week.
Moses (Darth Vader): This is good for school because then I can't pick my nose.
We were told that anticipation for Linus' costume in the kindergarten is already high after he told his class he was going to be "a cowboy riding a chicken."

Woo got us out for a picnic Saturday. I was envisioning a hike, but he had something else in mind. Somehow he loaded bikes for everyone, plus a trailer on the van. Driving up to the mountains was a white knuckle event (for him--I was quite comfortable in the passenger seat), but it was worth it to do a little mountain biking. Woo pulled Penelope and Archie in the trailer and I stayed with Linus, who actually walked most of the way to the picnic area. He did ride some single track.

Penelope had a dream that Archie was in her primary class and told Archie all about it. The only problem was Archie believed it was real and thought he'd being going to class with her today. He also thinks he's giving a talk in the Primary program in a few weeks. But he will be there sooner than expected. We're going to move him up a year early, since he misses the cutoff by only 4 days, and otherwise he'd be the only nursery kid in our ward.

Well, that's all I've got. Hope you've had a great week!