This week was cold again. We even got an inch or two of snow one day. The kids were super excited to go out and play in it. They immediately started a snowman and fort, but the snow was gone the next day.

Thanks to our new Vivint home security system, Woo gets an alert every time the kids run out the back door and leave it open. (I'm still just relying on the cold draft that blows through the house.) He even sent us a text to "Close the door!!" when he was thirty minutes away in a meeting. But he was a couple minutes late; we'd already closed it.

The snow clothes are out now and Linus wore this ensemble all day--to school, in school, around the house, playing outside and to bed. He saw no reason to peel of some layers here or add any there.

Ruby and Herbie had their class spelling bees this week. Herbie took second. He got out on a word (ballad), we'd never even reviewed because he'd always spelled it correctly at home. But he was still happy with his performance because all the kids in his class audience were rooting for him over the other spellers.

Ruby's class had their bee the next day and Ruby won. With the word ballad. Woo gave her high five, "Family advantage!"

Just for curiosity's sake I asked the kids what they thought the most important thing to me was. This is what they said.
Ruby: Us.  
Herbie: Teaching your children the Gospel. 
Moses: Me! I mean our family.
Nice save, Mose.
Linus: You.
Me: Why do you say that Linus?
Linus: Because you like yourself. 
No arguments there.
Penelope: Being nice to me. 
Archie: Uh... blue!

While a flute was tuning up for the choir number today, Moses asked, "What's that!? The fire alarm?!?"

One morning Penelope and Archie spent over an hour on the couch together while Penelope read Archie a "ponytail" book (their word for fairytale). Some pages Penelope would sing and Archie would rock appreciatively next to her during the song.

I finally had to slow down on my family history work. I was starting to get kind of a headache every time I sat down to find another person, and while I think Woo and I can handle some of the temple work, it's going to take us years to get it all done. I'm going to have to farm some out.

Well, that's it for the week. Oh, except... Woo went to an extra long multi-stake leadership meeting yesterday. He wasn't looking forward to it, but President Nelson showed up and the speakers were very good. He came home, gathered the kids around him, and told us the things he'd learned. I'm glad he went.

And here's an extra picture of Linus.

Ok, now that's all. Hope you had a great week!