Every once in awhile I like to do something ridiculously out of character. Something like volunteer to head up the Kindergarten Halloween party. It wasn't too bad. My job mostly consisted of sending out a million texts (we had 15 mothers signed up to help). And the party was... ok. It's over now and everyone's still alive, which is the best anyone can say of a party, right?


Okay, I know only one or two of you agree with me on that one. The party was fun and Woo was the star, even though I don't think a single kid could figure out what he was without a red clown nose. The teachers all got it, though and were appreciative. Mostly, the kids just loved his jokes, games (which pocket has the puppy?) and clown bike, which thanks to, Moses enjoyed his brief 15 seconds of most-popular-kid-at-recess glory.

This week was also Red Ribbon Week for the kids. They enjoyed crazy hair day, an assembly, pajama day and a magician's act, Halloween parties and a parade all in the name of saying no to drugs.

Too bad Herbie's already too cool for school.
"It was pretty obvious the magician's tricks were fake. I didn't even applaud for any of them because I knew they weren't real."
The kids had Friday off from school. It was a cold rainy day and my plans for the morning quickly settled on sitting on the couch under a blanket while Ruby made everyone some eggs. But darn that Herbie and his work ethic. He wanted to vacuum out heating vents and other hard to reach areas that I had to help with. But once I got up and moving, I was good to go for the rest of the day.

Ruby found something equally unkidlike to do after she'd finished. She spent the morning rereading a huge volume on Tora Thurston--a progenitor of hers. I think we got the book from Woo's mom and Ruby might be the only one who's read it (unless Herbie also has).

Linus spent an afternoon writing a book. It tells the story of how Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat spend a Halloween. Of course, they stop by Bill's house for some trick-or-treating. Archie frequently requests it for story time, and as there's no words, only pictures, Linus gets to read it to us.

We sang Nearer My God to Thee this week. It's hymn #100 in our hymnbook. We were almost done with the song before I realized that Linus wasn't singing words, but counting to 100 (a favorite Kindergartener pastime) to the music.

Moses dug a hole under one of our trees. Then he climbed in the hole and pulled the bike jump over his head. Awesome if your goal is to make a hideout, not awesome if your goal is to avoid tracking dirt all over the house. I told him he needed to spend some time rolling around in the grass, which he did with his toes pointed.
Me (laughing): Are you a ballerina?
He responded by performing an interpretive dance routine with the aid of the picnic table. Maybe we were wrong about his skills lying in the field of martial arts--he's a dancer?! Luckily for us, he did the whole thing right in front of one of Woo's surveillance cameras. We'll be pulling that one out at prime moments in the future. (Along with the one of his spontaneous dance on the stairs.)

Herbie (talking football): ... unless we're playing no rushies--  
Me: No rushies? Don't you mean no rushing?  
Herbie: No.  
Me: Ok... Just don't say that too loud around any of your friends.
Or am I the fool here? I'll freely admit to not being a football expert, but it doesn't seem quite right ...

Saturday morning we did some shopping and visited the train museum. Herbie found Archie a little football jersey and as soon as they got home Archie put it on and ran outside to play some football with Herbie. I watched little Archie hopping after Herbie's football, while Herbie tried over and over to teach him how to catch.

We got all the way home before we realized we hadn't bought anything for Penelope. Penelope took it very well, and probably wouldn't have even noticed if one of her siblings hadn't pointed it out. Penelope wore her princess shoes trick-or-treating, but since they're too big she kept falling behind. She finally just took them off and ran around barefoot, which was fine. The evening was in the upper 60s.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!