Ruby and Herbie had their school spelling bee this week. They both got out fairly early on words too easy to have been reviewed properly (wallow and quibble) -- a bit of a theme for us this year. Poor Ruby cried. She'd wanted to do well, but Herbie just seemed relieved to be done. As am I.
Ruby (pointing at the Heinz 57 sauce): Can I have some Days of '57?
Herbie received a walking stick from scouts to carve for pack meeting. He immediately whittled a sharp point on one end and called it a spear. He was very proud, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to get rid of it (too long for the garbage can). I don't want anyone impaled.

Steven took his Brigham Young: American Moses with him to the tub Saturday night. He spent a lot of time chuckling and laughing and came out excited to share such gems as this one with me:
Some of the knowing ones marveled when we [Heber Kimball and Brigham Young] were called to the Apostleship. It was indeed a mystery to me; but when I considered what consummate blockheads they were, I did not deem it so great a wonder...

Moses left us speechless, then laughing, when he stopped mid sentence in the middle of his Family Home Evening lesson to sprint out of the room, shouting, "I have to use the bathroom!" while holding his bum.

We started the four oldest kids on Rummikub this week. They're enjoying it a lot and we finally seem to have enough of them old enough that they're pleasant to play with and each game doesn't automatically end in fights. Moses has particularly picked it up well. He even beat Woo (who thought he had a sure win up his sleeve) last night.

Linus takes school very, very seriously. He brings home all his papers, and he spends Quiet Time (while Archie and I nap) carefully coloring any papers he didn't finish at school. He gets to have his first show-n-tell next week and as his teacher requested no toys, he decided to show the class how well he ties shoes. He's really excited about it--apparently he thinks hardly any of the kids know how to tie their own shoes, and I think he might be right.

We're still having a hard time convincing Penelope it isn't summer anymore. She ran outside one time in short sleeves and shorts, barefoot, etc. and came in crying about her frozen feet. I thought for sure she'd learned her lesson, but no. She did it again this week. Possibly related, she's been a little sick this week with a constant runny nose.

The nap situation with Archie (with a blindfold, next to me) wasn't working. I finally set up a playpen in Ruby's room so I could lie in Ruby's bed next to him to prevent him from climbing out, but also just ignore him for the few minutes he wants to play around before dropping off to sleep.

Sometimes I think Archie's the only one in the house who understands me. He's seemingly the only kid who gets when something is garbage and stands willing and ready at any second to toss anything away I deem worthy.

On the other hand, putting on coats isn't really one of his strengths.

I finally got my names printed out and Woo and I did over 50 baptisms and confirmations in the temple this week. I haven't been in the baptistry for a long time and it was funny to remember how excited all the temple workers always are to see you there. The exact same workers you see in other areas of the temple, but for some reason they're not as thrilled to see you then.

Well, that's it. Hope you had a great week!