This year we spent Thanksgiving at Woo's parents with his family. But before we could do that Linus had to go to school and run into the wall during a game of tag.

I got a message on my phone from the secretary telling me Linus had been hurt (Uh oh...), but he was okay (whew... ), and she'd just wanted to call to let me know he'd be coming home with a goose egg and a little scratch (at which point I was wondering why she'd bothered to call at all...). And sure enough, when he got off the bus, there he was proudly holding an ice pack to his forehead.
Me (getting all the details): Did anyone give you a hug?  
Linus (exasperated): They all did!

Herbie also happily discovered that going out and shooting a few hoops is a great stress/boredom/anger reliever. He stormed out the door Monday evening with his basketball after an argument with Ruby, did it again Tuesday before he even really got mad, and then Thursday morning while waiting for dinner.

Wednesday happened to be free entrance day to the zoo, which is the only time we ever go here. It's always super crowded and doesn't come close to St. Louis' zoo, but the weather was nice and it was fun to be out.

Woo forked over $16 for us to ride the train, the value of which was solely confined to the joy of riding trains, because we rode around one exhibit we could see from where we stood and then past a couple that'd been emptied for the season. And then three minutes later we were back at the start.

We shared Woo's parents house with Karen and her (7) kids, so we had to triple up the kids at night. Ruby is fantastic in a room of her own, but still woke up herself and Linus and Moses super early Thursday morning while sharing with them (after pestering them much too late at night).

Herbie, on the other hand, was a little parent. Or he said he was... He read scriptures with Archie and Penelope and helped them play quietly for a few minutes until breakfast.

Penelope really loved her smallest cousin Eve (2). She played with her a lot, although Eve was not as willing to go along with Penelope's plans as Archie usually is. I think Eve still liked her though. As Peter was carrying Eve out of the family room to go, she yelled, "I'm playing with Nellpea!" And a few seconds later Penelope ran up the stairs in a panic, "Where's baby Eve?!?"

Thursday morning Moses and Linus half-heartedly helped clean the family room so they could watch a movie. (Karen and I did most of it, but what are holidays for if not being generous??) They picked the Sound of Music, which kept my kids, at least, entertained for a long time. And influenced Ruby's dating choices later.
Ruby (playing dolls with her cousin Eleanor): So... do you think I should go out with Hitler? 
I was relieved to hear them decide he would be a bad choice.
Moses (always good at covering all his bases while praying): ... and I'm thankful that I could be thankful for everything...
Linus lost his first tooth this morning. He was very proud and tonight, at bedtime, Archie said for the first time ever, "I don't want to go to bed."

So we laughed, then put him to bed.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!