This week was fun. We did some fun things, but we're just plain getting excited for Christmas. There were a few crazy kids incidences, which we always have this time of year, but really nothing compared to what we've had in years past. Yay!

I personally had a hard time sleeping a few nights this week. I was just too excited. For one, I merged my family line into 4,000 new names (see testimony below), and I kept thinking how excited the kids were going to be to get their presents. I think parenthood helps you take a giant leap into really understanding that it is better to give than to receive.

Also, Woo discovered the ski resort offers grade school kids a free full day of lessons with lunch. He immediately signed the oldest three up and then went down a few runs with them afterwards. They all loved it.

The kids' cousin Isaac got baptized, which was also fun. Ruby actually got to give the talk on baptism. I never heard why Isaac wanted Ruby to do it, but she was happy to be asked. It was the second talk for her in two weeks; she'd just given one the week before in Primary.

Linus is excited to be sounding out and spelling his own words now. He wrote a note for Isaac at the baptism. I didn't get a picture, but it said:
And then it was time to go. He was trying to write: I hope you feel the Holy Ghost.

Moses has tried really hard to be good all week. I think he's motivated by Christmas in the air. He starts the day out great, getting dressed and doing his chores quicker than any of the other kids, but by evening the strain has gotten to him. He usually ends the day wrestling in the living room and then giggling with his brothers when he's supposed to be going to sleep. I did see him this evening, picking up a tub of tinker toys all by himself before dinner. A gargantuan feat of self-discipline for a 7-yr old boy. Or at least any of my 7-yr old boys.

Herbie's had a similar Jekyll and Hyde week. He's been incredibly quiet and attentive during church, the baptism, the Christmas Devotional we watched tonight, and I assume, school, but every single morning there's been a fight about which heater he's supposed to be sitting on during scriptures.

Speaking of the Christmas Devotional, the kids spotted their music teacher from school in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Then Moses was fake spotting his wife, sister, mother, etc. for laughs.
Ruby (indignant): He's not married. And he's already in his 30s... 
Herbie (with an air of authority): Well, Thora Thurston's dad was in his forties when he got married.
I guess this means Herbie has read the Thora Thurston tome.

Woo ate some interesting things this week.

Tuesday--can't remember
Wednesday--Ham sandwich with spinach, havarti and spiracha HOT chili sauce
Thursday--Cream of Spinach soup made with 4 cups of cream
Friday--can't remember
Saturday--A double-double with grilled onions, fries and a chocolate shake
Sunday--Elk roast, mashed potatoes with elk gravy and asparagus

I only ate one of those with him, but I can tell you it was delicious. (He also ate lots of apples, oranges, salad and homemade salsa, but those aren't all that interesting.)

Penelope takes excellent care of Archie. When I put lunch on the table, she says, "Come on, Archie! Let's go get our dishes!" and they run to the kitchen. She helps him pick out a bowl or plate, eating utensil and a placemat. Or sometimes, if he's busy, she'll just get him everything he needs. But one day this week, Penelope was upstairs changing when I put lunch on the table and Archie ran into the kitchen alone. He picked out a bowl for himself and Penelope and then asked me to open the silverware drawer for him (he's too short) and hand him a "pink spoon for Nellpea and a orange spoon for me." He put them on the table then ran upstairs yelling, "Nellpea! Nellpea! Lunch is ready! I got your bowl and spoon!" And they ran downstairs together, where Penelope told Archie "Thank you!" and Archie said, "You're welcome," and they ate their lunch.

I think that's about it. Hope you had a great week!