Christmas Quotes and Pics 2

Herbie: Mom are you going to be forty in May? 
Me: No, not this May. I'll only be 39. 
Moses (after a second): But Mom, you are going to be forty in May, because when you turn forty it will be May.
So, I guess the answer to that question was actually yes.

Archie: When I grow up and am a dad, I'll be a dolt!
We've not yet bothered to tell him he means adult.

Me: You know what, Archie, after you're a dad you get to be a grandpa. 
Archie (gasping and bouncing): Yay! A funny grandpa? 
Me: If you want. 
Archie: I want to be a funny grandpa!

One night Moses said his prayer in a sad, sad voice. At least he tacked this on in the middle, "And please help me to not sound like I'm sad... "

Archie (hugging his family history coloring book from Great Grandma Marva): Hamry fristry! I'm doing hamry fristry!

Me: What's your favorite present, Nellpea? 
Penelope: All of it! I love everything!

But of course there were soon kids complaining about toys already broken.
Woo: And that is why we celebrate Jesus. He's the only gift that never breaks. The only gift that truly makes us happy.
Merry Christmas, Everyone!