The first best thing that happened this week is Woo didn't die. Here he is at the very tiptop of the ski resort (9,370 ft),

then snowboarding down one of the chutes--

just minutes before he hit a rock and flipped over and landed on another rock. He's pretty hurt, mostly bruises and aches, but probably something like tendons in his shoulder.

The second best thing is Herbie found his v-tech watch. He loves that watch and came home from school one afternoon crying with heartbreak because he'd lost it. He thought he'd lost it at the bus stop in the morning, but it'd snowed that day and there was no sign of the watch anywhere. No one prayed harder or more often that he'd find it than Moses. The next morning the kids assembled in the mudroom to be out at the bus stop when the alarm was set to go off, so they could hear it. Ruby picked up her coat, and lo and behold there was the watch on the floor. Much rejoicing all around and Moses immediately fell to his knees for a thank you prayer.

The third best thing is that conscience eventually won out over the perfect crime. Later in the day Moses confessed all to Herbie. He'd stolen Herbie's watch at the bus stop when Herbie wasn't looking, stuffed it in his snow pants pocket and forgotten about it until he heard Herbie crying. He waited until later that evening to pull the watch out, throw it on the floor and Ruby's coat over it.
Herbie: Yeah, Moses kept praying I'd find my watch because he didn't want to hand it to me.

The fourth best thing is Ruby finally found a biography on J.K. Rowling at our local library. Early in the week Ruby came home from school to tell me the school library didn't have any biographies on anyone she wanted to be for the school "wax museum," so she'd checked out a book on Lebron James instead.
Ruby (in a flat voice): I guess I'll just dress up as Lebron James instead. Can I borrow Herbie's basketball jersey?
Me: His BYU jersey? 
Ruby: Yeah. Is that okay? 
Me: Lebron James in a BYU jersey? I guess...
Thank goodness for the library down the street!

The fifth best thing is Woo and I got to substitute Penelope and Archie's primary class.
Me (explaining that Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bone): Who knows what flesh is?
(slight pause)
Archie: Oh. Flesh the toilet!

Also, this was one of Archie's prayers, completely out of nowhere:
Dear Heavenly Father, 
Please bless the horses won't bite me. 
I just want to ride one.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

The sixth best thing (I hope you know these are in no particular order... ) is that Penelope became the proud owner of another beautiful princess dress.
Me (the day after): What's the best thing about you, Nellpea? 
Penelope (smiling down at her dress): I'm beautiful!

The seventh best thing happened while I checked on sleeping kids before going to bed. I looked at Linus and suddenly remembered how wonderful I felt the night he was born, sitting in bed with newborn Linus on my lap and writing down a list of possible names for my chunky, little baby that I loved so much and was no longer lugging around in my belly.

And the eighth best thing is I got to write a letter of recommendation for one of my Young Women who's leaving on her mission to Jamaica in March and needed some letters for her Visa application. It was my first one and a lot of fun. Hopefully, I'll get to do more in the future.

That is all. Hope you had a great week!