Chilly, Chilly January

Thank goodness the ice rink opened on Monday. We've had a nice week which mostly consisted of running back and forth to the rink and playing games in the warm house. One morning I noticed it was -18 degrees outside. I think the highs were something around 15. We never went out when it was below 0, but it's amazing, you go out and get moving on the rink and suddenly you're warm. Almost too warm. The kids always peel off layers.

Also, Archie turned 3, which is old enough to be excited for your birthday, but still young enough to be pretty malleable about favorite foods for dinner. I let him choose out of two or three options and he was thrilled. He also got to go to Primary for the first time. Penelope took good care of him. It was pretty cute watching them holding hands and walking down the hall as Penelope led him to class.

Primary kids were also asked ahead of time to come prepared to share a favorite scripture or scripture story and Penelope and Archie helped each other share the story of baby Jesus (although Moses tells us the picture they held up in our illustrated Bible was supposed to be Isaac and Rebekah, not Mary and Joseph).

Linus made a double appearance in the ward newsletter:

And he wore these long johns all week. Sometimes without stuffing, even.

You don't have to actually see the new Star Wars to know more about it than the adults. Moses named "the masked guy" from the new Star Wars when none of Woo or his siblings (who've seen the movie) could.
Woo: Where did you learn that??
Moses: Subway. 
A few seconds later conversation turned to talk about blowing up a planet.
Moses: Are you talking about Tatooine!?!

Herbie was introduced to Uno on Monday and won something like his first 7 games in a row. He began to think he had a special, invincible connection to the game. When that (of course) ended, he spent several anguished minutes crying in the back bathroom. He came to terms with reality soon afterwards, but boy, a lot of those Uno games have been extremely competitive. And it's still Herbie's new favorite game.
Me (doing new year interviews): And what do you want to be when you grow up? 
Herbie: Um... a temple worker and a computer programmer.
Me: What could you do to make the world a better place? 
Herbie: Um... Car pool.  You know, don't drive a lot of places separately. 
Me: Oh? Do you drive a lot of places separately? 
Herbie: No.
Woo: Ruby! Check yo self before you wreck yo self! 
Chelsey (laughing and naively assuming Woo had come up with that on the spot): Is that going to be our new family motto? Should I make it into a cross-stitch for the wall?
(Then, realizing it would be pretty catchy in a song... )
Or maybe Dad could write us a family song. A rap song.
Woo: Um, the song is already written.
Which we all promptly listened to. Yep, already been written.

There's a group of neighbor kids Ruby's age and a bit older who showed up every day at the ice rink to play hockey. Ruby was all over that. She wanted to be at the rink all the time, except most of the kids didn't show up until after noon. One morning our family was there when one kid, a couple years older than Ruby, from the hockey group showed up. There were several awkward minutes of skating past each other and not making eye contact before Ruby directly asked him if he wanted to play hockey. He said yes and they were off.

Hope you all had a great week!