This week was a lot of Woo and I just wanting to sit around and do nothing. Except maybe lie around. I'm learning this is pretty typical of me, at least, in January. Something about the slowdown after all the excitement of the previous two months, and suddenly I can't bring myself to do anything at all.

Well, really I can, but it takes an incredible amount of willpower, even to do things I normally enjoy, like weightlifting. Woo only went snowboarding once and you should've seen the look of loathing on his face as he walked out the door. He wouldn't have gone at all if a friend hadn't called.

The kids are just the opposite. They want to do more and more and run and laugh and shout--every word that comes out of their mouths. (They are healthy kids after all.) Which was exactly the kick in the rear we needed to keep from becoming vegetables.

Woo pulled Archie around in the sled at the ice rink.

Moses impressed us all with his kindness by untying Linus' frozen shoelaces for him.

Woo and Ruby built a snow fort for Ruby's Daddy Day.

We went snowshoeing out on the lake. Notice Penelope and Archie are in a sled. We tried to float that across a several inch deep creek (after emptying out all the snow), which turned out to be a bad idea. Woo had to run home a mile with a soaking wet Archie to get him changed and on the heater. Penelope was not wet at all, but the closer we got to home, the more convinced she was, until she was such a screaming, kicking mess, she refused to sit on the heater.

I showed Ruby, Herbie and Moses that the Czech names I'm reserving for temple work and sending into the temple system are having their ordinances done in temples all over the world.

But they mostly enjoyed looking at photos from the early 1900s and trying to say the Czech names.

And here's Linus showing off the yoda hat he made for a friend. He worked very hard on it.

Oh, and also we got a new baby. To babysit.

That's about all. Hope you got to sit around more than we did.