More of Us

Well, the lethargy is gone. That's been nice. We've had a nice week mostly, I think. I can't really remember because I'm rediscovering that church at 1 p.m. is a bear. I have some ideas for a better Sunday next week, but today I'm wiped out.

Report cards came out. Ruby was super excited to get perfect grades (which isn't unusual for her), but the 3 that had troubled her last term (listening attentively) is now a 4 (the highest grade here).

There's an autistic kid in Ruby's grade that always gets put in Ruby's class specifically because Ruby is so helpful and kind to him. She asked him to be her valentine this year. (I guess she didn't want to repeat last year's anxiety and awful waiting for someone she liked to ask her?) He was excited and said yes, but came to school the next day and said no. The boy she really liked had already been asked, so she finally got the neighbor boy to say yes. She can breathe easy until Valentine's Day now, I guess.

Herbie has a pen pal--a friend that recently moved to Indiana. We created an email account for him and he anxiously asks everyday after school if he's gotten an answer yet, and he often has--much more fun than my pen pal days with months of waiting.

Herbie was also rejected by the first girl he asked to be his valentine. He's been wondering all weekend what girl #2 will say. She said she needed some time to think about it.

Moses spent a lot of time this week crying, complaining that everyone hated him, predicting the worst for his future, etc, etc, etc... nothing anyone said or did could console him. The good news is after a lot of encouraging, testimony bearing, faith promoting story-telling, sending him off to a quiet place alone, etc. he started to get his own answers to his woes from God, which I personally think are the most effective answers. And they were the only ones that truly calmed him down and gave him peace.

First, he prayed and learned that Heavenly Father loves him. Second, he prayed and read the first book of Nephi where the Spirit told him he also had goodly parents. And this morning he read (he couldn't remember where) and received the impression that his brothers and sisters love him too, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Linus was very kind and tried to help Moses through a lot of his sad spells. He left the table to go and find a spoon Moses would like, when Moses didn't like the one he had. He let Moses come to a birthday party Linus was invited to (Ruby also went to help little kids ice skate) and shared some of his piƱata treats with him.
Penelope: Mom, for my birthday I want powers.  
Me: Ok. 
Penelope: Frozen powers.
No problem.

Whether to pronounce amen with an "ah" or an "A" at the beginning is a hot debate for the kids.
Penelope: Mom, why do so many people say ahmen and why do so many people...  
(apparently forgetting the other option)  
... um... 
Are bald?  
Moses (matter-of-factly): Because they shave their heads.  
Penelope: Oh.  

Archie has played Uno about 8 times against all the other kids and he has won 7 of those times. There's no reason on earth he should ever win. All he knows are his colors and all his cards lay on the floor face up the entire game. But somehow, he gets rid of them one by one and then, when he has one card left and everyone knows what it is, no one is ever able to stop him.

One game he had his one last card, a blue, in full view of everyone, and somehow all the other kids had in their heads that he had a green. They were frantically trying to change the color from green. The kid right in front of him finally was able to change it to blue and all the kids cheered until Archie put down his card and won.
Woo: If I ever write a fairy tale it will be called the Princess and the Grapefruit.  
It will be a lot like the Princess and the Pea. 
Herbie: Will the grapefruit get squished?  
Woo: Yes.
Which ensured it would be an instant hit with all our kids.

One morning I ran around the house doing a lot of stuff, then I sat down and did a bunch of other stuff. Finally, I laid down on the couch and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep. Penelope and Archie were very cooperative during that time. They sat on my feet and read stories.

Well, that's all I've got. Hope you had a great week!