Ah-A-Ah, Ah-A-Ah-A-Ah!

Penelope and Archie watched The Little Mermaid for the first time this week and it's been their favorite imaginative play. Luckily for Penelope, Archie is thrilled to be Prince Eric. My favorite is when Archie lies on the floor pretending to have just washed up on a beach and Penelope sings tuneless ah-a-ahs over him.

And it's introduced Archie and I to this fun game:
Archie: Who do you want to be in The Little Mermaid? 
Me: Uh... Prince Eric. 
Archie (laughing): No, I'm Prince Eric! 
Me: Oh! 
Archie: Mom, who do you want to be? 
Me: Um... Prince Eric. 
Archie (laughing): No, I'm Prince Eric!
And so on.

Penelope is becoming a runner. We go on a walk anywhere and she is running the whole time. She's always one of the first kids to our destination because she is not stomping in puddles. She is not climbing in snow or breaking ice. She is running. But it also makes our walks stressful because she is always darting into the road and she still believes she can run faster than cars.

Me: I've been thinking of how to describe each of you kids with one word. 
Ruby is merciful. 
Herbie is a leader.
(Which of course sparked an uproar led by Herbie because "a leader" is two words. My mistake.)
Moses is sweet. 
Linus is happy. 
Penelope is--
Penelope: PRETTY! 
Me: --a mother. And pretty. 
Archie is agreeable.

Moses was excited, yet terrified, to start scouts. He wanted me to take him for the first time, which I did, and we were greeted by possibly the nicest scout leader ever. He had such a good time he wore his scout shirt and hat constantly at home afterwards, even over his pajamas. He finally threw it in the wash yesterday to be ready for another day great of scouts.

Herbie was caught off guard by his biography oral and book report due the next day. We gave him lots of good ideas from biographies we had around the house, all of which he rejected. Instead, he wrote and spoke about Lebron James from the book he'd read over the summer, even remembering his birthday and year he was born, and got an A.

Ruby's minor illness from last week didn't get better; it got worse, and she stayed home a day from school. Ruby likes to be contrary when she doesn't feel well, and we had quite a few confessions from her when she felt guilty for stuff she did just to make us mad or stick it to the man, I guess.

The teachers at our kids' school hand out badges when the kids are caught doing something good, which they get to write their name on and take down to the office. Then every month the principal draws a badge from each class and does something fun with the winners. They've made gingerbread houses, gone on sleigh rides, etc. This week Linus' name was drawn and he got to have breakfast with the principal. They ate cinnamon rolls and drank hot chocolate while the principal read them a story (If you met our principal, you would know this is an exciting experience.)

Herbie: Only girls got drawn this time. Linus was the only boy. 
Linus: No, I wasn't. There were other boys. 
But I sat only with girls. 
Me: Did any of them say you were cute? 
Linus: They all did!
Woo is feeling better from his minor bout with illness last week as well. Work stress is still there, but in my opinion, he is handling it very, very well. It's dragging on though, of course. He bought himself a pair of cross country ski boots on ksl, which were a disappointment. Hopefully, he'll catch a break here soon.

It seems like for the last three years I've been trying to rid the house of junk. Every few months, I get another surge of motivation and collect entire carfuls to donate. I'm in the middle of another of one of those right now. It sure feels good to me to get rid of things, but the house always seems to be too cluttered. How did we get so much useless stuff?

Anyway, hope you had a great week!