Big Events of the Week

1. Linus attended his class superhero party as Super Firefighter: Big Frank.

2. Penelope carried and delivered another beautiful baby doll.

3. Woo and Linus went snowboarding where Linus did not do any jumps like he said, but he did twist around once.

4. We enjoyed seeing Ruby as J.K. Rowling in the 5th grade wax museum. Well, Woo and I did; Penelope and Archie were freaked out by all the silent, unmoving kids.

5. Woo took Moses snowboarding on the road, which Moses said was just as fun as the ski resort.

6. Woo and Ruby sat in a suite at the Jazz vs. Timberwolves game.

7. Archie discovers the joys of "bazoos."

8. Herbie takes some selfies for his friend in Indiana.

9. We freeze our rear-end-os off at the local ski resort's 75th birthday party because we're severely underdressed for an outside/snowstorm type party.  Yes, I missed the word "patio" on the invitation.

10. In a completely related incident, I vow to never attend another function at a ski resort again.

That's about it. Hope your week was great!