Happy Birthday, Linus!

Linus turned 6 this week. Woo also signed us up to help clean the church that day. Linus jumped and said, "Yay! I like cleaning the church on my birthday!" when we told him. He happily vacuumed and swept and came home and ate breakfast before he could finally open his presents--one was a lego firetruck, which he then spent the rest of the day assembling.

We were in need of a quiet day. Earlier in the week we pulled the kids out of school to tour the Provo City Center temple. The kids were fantastic. They all watched the intro movie very attentively, and reverently and quietly walked through the temple. It's a beautiful temple and we all felt the Spirit. Woo kept saying "Our temple is out. Let's move here." And we probably would if Provo weren't so dang crowded. So instead he strongly encouraged all the kids to get married in PCC temple, and Ruby asked if she could do baptisms on her birthday, since it's on a Friday and she'll be twelve. Also approved.

We got our picture taken at the end and once again the parents look like idiots, but hey, we were there. Plus, it was better than the first picture they took. Trust me.

We went to Firehouse Subs while we were in the area because Linus has a bit of an obsession with firefighters right now. Grandma and Grandpa were able to meet us there and we had a little birthday celebration. This was hands down the easiest eating out experience I've ever had with six kids. Heck, since I've had one. It was pretty close to stress free.

We'd planned to head home, but made a last minute decision to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit at BYU's Museum of Art. We called Woo's mom, who was already home and she was free to meet us there and pick up some standby tickets. I loved the exhibit, and I think Woo and Grandma did too. The kids started out strong, but they were getting tired. Moses, who I thought would love it the most, was mentally out of there the soonest. By the end I had Moses, Linus and Herbie draped all over me on our bench, moaning. One woman walked by and said we would've made the perfect Norman Rockwell painting: Little Boys at the Art Museum.

And then Woo and I decided to take a walk around campus, which might have been a mistake. The kids tore out of the museum shouting and yelling like they'd been cooped up in a cellar all day. Moses was throwing fireballs, Herbie was gunning them down with water, Ruby was catching then releasing a shrieking Archie. Penelope walked primly next to me.
Woo: I think we'll have successfully lowered the birthrate of any future BYU alumni by the time we're through here.
It was kind of embarrassing because the kids were really loud and crazy and everyone was staring at us, but the kids really needed to expend some energy, so Woo and I just kept walking as if they were acting totally normal. And by the time we'd walked the length of campus and turned around they were.

Me: What was your favorite part of the art exhibit? 
Herbie: Finally getting to be at BYU!

Well, that's all I've got. Hope you had a great week!