Once Upon a Furnace

It's been a long week, but we've had some miracles. Our furnace broke. The first good thing was Woo noticed it almost immediately and shut off the gas before it was dangerous. The second good thing was that it happened on the warmest day of the year. The third good thing is that Woo noticed the good things and told them to the kids. He said a prayer right after ending with "... and thank you that we are so blessed... " Choosing to see the good things in a stressful situation is a giant leap forward for Woo (or any of us really :). The fourth good thing is that the furnace was an easy fix with a part that came in two days. Our furnace is working again.
Woo (strutting through the living room): There's something about fixing something that makes a man feel like a man.

We went to the Blue and Gold banquet and got the kids in bed way too late. Of course I'm going to blame that for them being agitated and a tiny bit sick this week. (Me and my sleep soapbox... ) They've been the kind of tiny bit sick where they're functioning normally, but are super cranky. Which means I've been able to practice my patience this week, and the good news is I'm getting better. Really, I've been pretty pleased with my progress.

The sacrifices we're willing to make to get what we want...
Linus (wanting a seashell): Where's the ocean? 
Me: Long ways.
Linus: Do you have to take a plane?  
Me: You can. Or you can drive, but it takes a long time. 
Linus: How long? 
Me: Like 12 hours. 
Linus: Oh, that's ok! I'll take a nap.

Archie and Penelope are really picking up letters and numbers thanks to the smart pads they got from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas.

Penelope can spell her name (which makes Linus a little mad, since he still can't spell it) and quite a few simple words like moon, dad, etc.

Today in church she opened a hymn book and counted with the hymn numbers up to 100. I had to help her with a few like 30 and 50, but still, pretty good.

Archie handed me a card and identified the L-I-A and O-N-A in liahona. He didn't know the H.

One prayer he said all the letters from the alphabet song (with a few gaps), then:
Thank you we have lots of letters in my house. Big letters and little letters. There's letters in the hymn book and in the books. 
In another prayer he counted as high as he could.
Moses: Mom, where does all the water go when the snow melts? 
Me: Well, some of it evaporates, and some of it runs down to the reservoir...  
Herbie (astounded): How do you know about evaporation?!? 
Me: I went to 4th grade too, Herbie. Passed it even. 
Although I think kids actually learn the water cycle in 1st grade.

Ruby's been pretty excited all week about her teacher, who told them she was going to a doctor's appointment, but got married instead. Here's some of her artwork.

And apparently, being tall for your age is a big deal.

Herbie had a field trip to the environmental center this week. They went cross country skiing and snow shoeing and ate pizza, which would've been exciting enough, but Herbie was super excited because Woo went with him.

Moses has wanted a nerf gun for a long time, but we've never gotten him one, because I guess light sabers and wands are okay, but nerf guns are not? I can't really explain our logic, but he got one from his secret buddy from school and he has been so thrilled with that thing. We're happy he's happy.

It wasn't the best picture week for us. Sorry. Hope your week was great!