Valentine's Stress

Our Valentines started on Friday with the kids class parties. I had a partner planning the kindergarten party this time around so it was a lot less stressful, and we didn't try to involve everyone who signed up to help. We took the first four people we heard back from and called it good.

Penelope and Archie integrated themselves right into the kindergarten class and rotated around to all the different activities. Woo and I did a heart-healthy-exercise game, which was a big hit.

While at the school, we also got to hear Ruby's class perform a song for the office and lunch ladies. Ruby was one of the lucky ones to play an instrument. It also came out that her valentine wasn't who we'd thought it was. After her second try fell through, she asked the class president on a dare from four other girls who have a crush on him. He said yes and gave her a nice hat.

Herbie's original choice said no, then yes, then no, then yes and eventually ended on no. So he had no one.

Herbie (instructing his younger brothers): One time I took a rock to show-n-tell. I picked it up in the yard on the way to the bus. 
Me (trying to remember the last time he'd had show-n-tell): What grade were you in?
Herbie: First. 
Me: What did you say? 
Herbie: This is my rock. I really like it. 
Me: What did you do with the rock after that? 
Herbie: I put it in my desk for awhile, then my pocket, then... in fact... (reaching around in the depths of his backpack) I have it right here.
And there it was. He'd pulled out a rock he'd had since first grade. I guess it was pretty special.

Moses has been so excited to start fasting (one meal a month, starting when he's eight) that he's fasted the last two months, even though he won't be eight until the next one. Moses has made a new friend at school and we got to meet him while we were at the school.
Moses (praying with a giant smile on his face while he thought about it): And thank you that Mom and Dad could meet Anthony today...

Linus finished his firetruck!

And swore he didn't take a nap in the car. Photographic evidence would prove otherwise...

Woo (teaching Archie how to snowboard): Slide down the hill, Archie. 
Archie: No. I don't know how. 
Woo (to Penelope walking by): Penelope, tell Archie how to do it. 
Penelope (exasperated): I already did, Dad! 
Woo: Tell him again. He says he doesn't know how. 
Penelope (switching to her mothering voice): Archie, you just scoot. 
Archie: No. I don't know how.
And he didn't move an inch the whole time.

Spiritual promptings are on my mind. You know how people tell stories of how the Spirit tells them to say, bake a loaf of bread and deliver it to someone, even though they think it's crazy. But they do it, and then there's the happy ending with the recipient being so grateful because they'd just been praying for a loaf of bread...

Well, in the past six months I've had about ten of those, but instead of the recipient being grateful and happy, they've been irritated to downright mad. Two of them today. I'm pretty used to crickets (I did serve a mission in Vienna, Austria) and I usually expect nothing when I follow a prompting, although I have had negative reactions before. I'm just getting better at it, I guess. One of the silver linings of my introvert personality is I've never much cared what other people think of me. Plus, I already have an awkward relationship with nearly everyone. What do I have to lose?

Woo has had a very, very stressful work week. He hasn't been through anything like this in awhile. He has stress-cankers (at least that's what we call them), but sores in his mouth from the stress. The good news is he's still exercising almost every day (cross-country skiing being his current favorite) and going to bed at a decent time and sleeping well--things he's dropped in the past when the stress got high. Plus, I've been letting him beat me in Settlers, which always boosts his ego (kidding, Woo!) It should all be over by March 1st--at least that's when the deadline is.  Only two and a half week to go!

Lots of love,