An Experiment

Hi All,

I'm helping a neighbor who's written a book and is pretty internet illiterate list their book on Amazon. I figured I'd know it best (and be able to explain it clearest), if I tried it out myself first, so I compiled all my testimonies into one and published them in Amazon's Kindle Direct.

So how does this effect you? 

Probably not at all.

But, I did give Amazon exclusivity for three months in order to enroll in and test some of their promotional tools, which means I can't have my testimonies available anywhere online for that three month period. I've hidden them from all my posts (but they're still there and will be back) on the off chance you were looking for one and couldn't find it.

They are, however, all available in one place, a kindle download here, which will be free from March 16th (Wednesday) until March 20th.

Also, I know it's the lamest title in all creation, but I whipped it all up in about an hour and sometimes I just don't have what it takes to be hip and snappy. Don't roll your eyes too much. Thanks!

P.S. Don't worry about this being a money making venture. On the odd chance I make anything, I'll be donating it all to charity.