Easter Week

Sunday (last):
  • We got to do a real hosanna shout (for the temple dedication) on Palm Sunday. 

  • Linus plays nicely with Penelope and Archie after school--something he's struggled with since he started kindergarten.
  • After being put to bed Penelope got really frustrated and whiny. Before I knew it, I said, "pray!" She did and immediately calmed down. She whispered, "Mom, I said a prayer." Then fell asleep.

  • Moses performed in his class puppet show. We were proud of him for talking to his teacher himself when he was unhappy with his part. She was happy to change it to something else.

  • I was tired. I did what was necessary then read several chapters of Woo's Brigham Young: American Moses.  I sure love that Brigham Young and Mary Ann. What amazing people.
  • Linus is really getting good at reading his scripture verse by himself every night.

  • Ruby's maturation program. It turned out to be more embarrassing for me than her because we sat on the front row and Ruby had many loud reactions and whispered comments, but she loved it and I'm over it.
  • Woo got a bonus so large, he thought it was a mistake. Also, he got a nice raise. To celebrate we did... nothing. Except to save a bunch more towards that big something we're always saving for (early retirement or peace of mind or both). When we've got that we'll move on to world domination.

  • The kids had school off, so we headed to krispy kreme with their report cards to gorge ourselves silly on free donuts.
  • We finally made it to the aerospace museum, which the kids loved (except Penelope and Moses who were shocked more than they were comfortable with playing with the Van de Graaf generator).
  • They even had a firetruck for Linus and Archie.
  • I'm surprised to learn that Herbie's really, really helpful at finding typos for me.

  • Ruby and Herbie helped Woo move a family to another house down the street.
  • Herbie made up a game where he gets to both throw the football and run a lot.
  • Woo took five kids to the park while Ruby and I watched the General Women's Meeting and ate treats.

  • Easter!
  • Last line of Linus' talk: ... And I know Thomas S. Monson is a president of God.
  • Archie: I'm growing up to be a dad! And I'll get to ... I'll get to turn on the pictures. And clip my own nails. And I'm going to drive a truck! (After his bath on Saturday, he was disappointed to learn his clothes would not grow up with him, he'd have to get new ones when he's a dad.)
  • Woo: And Archie hasn't touched his hotdog bun... Archie (jabs a finger in the bun) There, I touched it!

That's it! Hope you had a Happy Easter!