Girlfriends, Best Friends and Pirate Patches

Thank you kindergarten for opening my kids' eyes to opportunities they never knew they were missing.
Linus (stomping his foot): Mom!! How come we never get to look for leprechauns? And steal their pots of gold?!

Linus has a girlfriend. I'm pretty sure they give all the kindergarteners a talk about not kissing, but he told me he kissed her on the bus.
Me: Uh oh, Linus.
Linus: I didn't know!
Me: It's okay to do once, just don't do it again.
Linus (crying): But I only kissed her a lot!
Which he revealed were little kisses all over her arm and coat.

Penelope has been giving the sweetest prayers. She includes everyone in her prayers and says things like, "... And thank you that Herbie could be my brother and that he could be nice to me... " and "... Thank you that Dad is my favorite dad and he has my birthday... "

A couple years ago the kids all got several pirate eye patches (from a party, I think), and after they'd all forgotten about them, and they were lying everywhere on the floor, I hid one away for myself. Because as a kid I'd always wanted one, but never got one. (In fact, there was one time at a school carnival where I waited patiently in a long line for one, but right when I got there, they ran out. *silent tears*)

Anyways, it really came in handy this week when I got something in a tear duct and my eyelid started to swell. Blinking was really painful, but wearing that patch with a skull and crossbones on the front brought sweet relief. The kids were a little freaked out and were happy when I could stop wearing it. We thought Woo took a picture, but we can't find it anywhere, so maybe not?

Woo went on his first jog in years. It was unplanned. He was outside; he was on a long and boring work call, and well, why not? He was wearing jeans, and not very good shoes, and he didn't go very fast, but he jogged about three miles through the call. He hasn't been able to move since. Stairs are especially painful right now, and one morning he felt like his ankles had turned into tiny pinpoints on end of his legs, incapable of carrying his weight.

Woo helped Herbie and Moses work on their pinewood derby cars this weekend. Moses was getting pretty stressed about the deadline (next week), and did some hyperventilating about how he'd never get to make a pinewood derby car. Woo had them draw some mock ups of what they were envisioning first. Herbie didn't seem to get that they would not be making elaborate, curved cuts--just one or two straight ones. In the end both Herbie and Moses' cars look pretty much the same, with the same paint job, just one has a fin in the front and one in the back.

Overheard after Herbie offered me some food and I declined.
Herbie (announcing to everyone): Mom's fasting again.
Moses (matter-of-factly): Yeah, mom's always fasting.
Uh, not even close, Mose.

Archie and I continue to be best friends. One of his three year old jokes is to say, "Oh, I forgot," when he's giving us an answer that isn't true, but he thinks is funny. I accidentally misspoke, Archie laughed and told me the right answer. I said, "Oh, I forgot," because I knew that's what he would've said, and after he stopped laughing at that he said, "You're my best friend, Mom!"

Ruby and Woo went snowboarding and cross-country skiing all in the same afternoon. I didn't hear much about it; they were both so exhausted. She was pretty happy to be able to spray paint an old can while the boys painted their cars.

Well, that's about it. Hope you had a great week!

Here's a story:

I was in kindergarten or maybe first grade when I went to play at a friend's house. She had a twin brother who also had invited a friend and while we were playing in the backyard they decided they were going to kiss me. I was terrified! I ran all over the yard until finally they cornered me behind the swing set. I crouched down on the ground, threw my arms over my head, and after they'd each given me a couple kisses each, I bolted to the back door, bawling. I dashed through the house, ignoring the mother asking me what was wrong, and down the street. I didn't stop running or crying until I was home, and I never went there to play again. The end.