Kids? What Kids?

The kids did some stuff this week. We just didn't get any pictures of it. Herbie and Moses had their pinewood derby (lots of video clips, no pictures); Archie learned to drop kick, Ruby painted her fingernails; Linus built some leprechaun traps (no caught leprechauns); and Penelope "won" every walk we went on. Woo, Ruby, Herbie, Moses and I also went to the Provo City Center Temple dedication, which I loved and was awesome.

But most of our pictures are from the day Woo and I dropped the kids off at his parents and flew to Las Vegas. Las Vegas isn't really our first choice (or even twentieth), but it was a work bonus on a private jet, and who can say no to that??

(Ok, I probably could ;).

Really, the private jet and the limousine service (big, black SUVs in our case) were the highlights. It was traveling in the way you've always felt you should, but never have--driving to the airport 15 minutes away, parking in the empty lot in front of the hangar, saying hi to the pilots and boarding the plane. When you land, your car and driver are waiting 10 ft away. They drive you anywhere and everywhere you want to go. Then they navigate traffic while you talk, and they drop you off at the door that's closest to the place you're headed. We never had to walk through a casino or wait more than a minute for our driver to show up.

The rest of the trip was kind of meh. Vegas doesn't really offer much of our kind of fun, and we weren't sure we'd have enough time to rent bikes and get out of the city.

We ate dinner at an exorbitantly expensive restaurant (part of the bonus), which had some delicious grilled tomatoes and stuffed mushrooms, but was otherwise nothing special. We did get to watch a man in our group eat a 30 oz steak ($80 without sides), so there was that.

And we went to a water-acrobatics show, which was probably cool, but I'm not really into shows and I was so tired. I kept thinking, "the kids would enjoy this a lot more than I am... "

Anyway, after that ringing review of Vegas, I'm done. Thanks to Woo's mom for watching the kids and putting them to bed. I'm sure taking her to lunch right before we left made it all worth it :). Hope you all had a great week!