Sweet, Sweet and More Sweet

This was a big week for Moses. He had his birthday, turned 8, got super sick, was baptized and confirmed, and gave a talk in primary. He almost bore his testimony in sacrament meeting too, but instead he got an explosive bloody nose, which he and I had to spend several minutes in the bathroom taking care of. That and still not feeling very well pretty much took all the wind out of his sails. A lot of highs and lows in there for Moses.

He got birthday cards from his class, most just said happy birthday, but a few girls wrote things like, "I like you so much!" and "You are sweet, You are awesome, You are smart." (Their spelling's getting better!) In fact, my favorite line from his confirmation blessing said something like, "We are all blessed to have someone (Moses) so kind and so sweet in our midst."

Woo had a big week too, staying up late many nights to finish his project. It did finally catch up to him and he's not feeling well either, but I think the app's been submitted and he can breath a little easier for awhile.

We collect our recycling in an open bin before taking it outside, which means my five older kids occasionally rummage through it and pull out things they deem valuable.
Archie (walking past some paper on the floor): Oh! someone took this out of the recycling. Can I put it away for you?  
Me: Yes! Thank you, Archie.  
Me (thinking): Archie really gets this whole garbage concept...  
Archie (throwing it in the bin and returning): And now I'm your best friend!

Woo took some kids to the park and played catch with Penelope. After he had caught several of her throws and she had caught none of his, she said, "Dad you're not very good at being catched."

Linus (walking up and interrupting someone's unrelated conversation): Sometimes boogers block my nose!
Woo (coming home from a visit): Emily had to go into the ER at three in the morning because she got chicken in her throat. 
Someone, maybe me: She was eating chicken at 3 in the morning? 
Herbie: No, she ate chicken for dinner, got something stuck in her throat, then couldn't sleep and had to go to the ER at 3 in the morning. 
Woo: Yep. 
Me: How did you know that? 
Herbie: Well, it was pretty obvious...
Fine, but not to a 9 year old.

Ruby brought home a recorder this week. I guess learning to play an instrument is part of the 5th grade curriculum and recorders are the instruments of choice. She brought it home for the weekend, intending to play us Mary had a Little Lamb, but forgot the music and lost interest in it after that. What I did hear was not as painful as I'd been led to believe, but maybe that will come later.

Me: Penelope, who were you most excited to see at the baptism? 
Penelope: Grandma and you. 
Me: Me? You see me everyday. Why would you be excited to see me? 
Penelope (smiling brightly): Because I like you!
Ah, Nellpea. So sweet.

Well, that's it. Thanks for coming to Mosey's baptism and for your help!