Conference Weekend

We've had a great conference weekend, but I'm beat. This will be mostly pictures (plus some I didn't see from last week). All the kids were good during the 8+ hours of conference, but Herbie was a super star. He listened attentively to every single talk, even better than I did (as you'll see in a couple pictures, I *almost* fell asleep for a few minutes there).

Ruby and I went to New Beginnings, the meeting to introduce her into Young Womens, since she'll be 12 later this year. They did a little spotlight on Ruby than had a few speakers get up and talk about being strengthened in trials through Christ. I came away thinking my trials are squat, or is that what everyone always thinks when listening to others' problems? It was nice to sit and spend time with Ruby.

Herbie had his Utah program. Here I am congratulating him on being the best Washington County sign-holder-upper in the whole fourth grade--a truly momentous occasion.

Moses is always so encouraging. If I kick the soccer ball around with him, he's peppering me with: Awesome kick, Mom! or Nice save! Woo took him on a home teaching visit, and Moses spent the drive home telling him why he's a good dad.

Linus got into a heated argument on the bus over General Conference, of all things. According to Linus the other little boy (we'll call him Matthew) said he was going to church this Sunday. Linus said no, it was Conference. Which was enough to start a fist fight. After enough hugs and sympathy at home, Linus decided to spend his quiet time cleaning his entire room and making his, Moses' and Herbie's beds to perfection.

Penelope got her kindergarten shots. She was super excited for the book she knew she'd be getting (Pinkilicious has a Sick Day) and to be one step closer to kindergarten. She was more than prepared for the shots, being warned by her parents and each of her older siblings and then her mother, the doctor and the nurse told her exactly how many she'd be getting, on separate, consecutive intervals... She took them both calmly and said "Ow."

Archie insisted he needed a band-aid on every finger because, "Herbie pushed me down!" Herbie was at school. And he didn't quite get to bandage every finger, because I figured out what he was doing at band-aid number 9.

We'll get more snow, but Woo built probably the last snowman of the season from the snow in the park. He did some snowboarding, some playing with the kids and a whole lot of working.

You know those dreams where it's finals and you suddenly remember you had a class you hadn't attended all semester? Well, I had a horrible version of that this week, where in my dream I suddenly remembered I had another kid that I'd forgotten for several years. I could remember him as a baby and small toddler, but I could barely remember his name or whether he was born before or after Moses. I was devastated, but luckily it was just a dream.  I was pretty shaken afterwards.

Well, that's our week. Hope yours was great!