Spring Break = Far Too Many Pictures.

We did far too many things this week to list them all. I'll try to keep this short by using the pictures as my guide.

We went on a picnic and day hike right here at home. Turns out we already live in a spring break kind of place.

There are trees and a rope swing.

And snacks in plastic bags.

Old plywood boards to give rides to the weary...

And then we left home.

We toured the Beehive House (Brigham Young's home and office in Salt Lake City), which was not the extensive tour with hoarhound candy at the end that I experienced in the fourth grade. This was a 20 minute, 3 room tour, which left a lot to be desired.

Our kids did hoard the limelight and surprised even us by their answers to the tour guide's questions: Brigham Young wore a coat when he entered the valley in July because he was sick (Herbie), Identified the strange writing as the Deseret alphabet (Ruby), and recited the first verse in the Book of Mormon (Moses).

We stopped by the church history museum to see the new Joseph Smith movie, which was kind of neat because the movie screen surrounds you in a half circle (not this picture) and the narration was taken from all 9 accounts of the first vision, but it's 7 minutes long, so don't make a special trip.

Woo and I snuck in a quick trip to the temple while kids slept at Grandma's house, and then we were off. After a pitstop at Dad's shop, we arrived at the cabin of some friends at the Strawberry Pinnacles.

Where we took far too many pictures of ten kids and two adults in a side-by-side.

At some point Archie began to use the phrase "private part" instead of something like "secret spot," resulting in phrases like, "My private part is on the dresser," and "I'm going to put this (his sandwich) in my private part."

We didn't say anything to him about it, but probably will before he enters kindergarten. Don't worry.

We stayed in a cabin, but we did some camping-like things, like roast marshmallows. (Linus reminded us of Elmer Fudd. His constant carrot eating habit only helped--yes, I know Elmer Fudd doesn't eat carrots.)

A makeshift target range for a bb gun was set up.

And we miserably failed to fly some kites (only Penelope got to fly one for just a few minutes). 

To be continued...