Busy Week List

Busy Week List (pictures may or may not correspond):

Annual Family Awards Ceremony with prizes for achievements during the year.

Ruby and Woo go on 5th grade field trip: iFly, Flowrider and rockclimbing.

Linus wears specially selected outfit to kindergarten field trip to the fire station.

Woo somehow manages to pull off organizing another fathers and sons campout with little sleep, and the unpleasant discovery of a busted rear window when packing the car.

Archie: Mom! I'm a prophet!

Moses accurately describes his future. And mine. (He's the NBA Player.)

Herbie gets nothing but super blurry photos of himself  on a rope swing at the fathers and sons.

Penelope braves a cold, windy walk from church like a champ.

That's it! Hope your week was great!