Happy Birthday to Me or... Old Before My Time

About two months ago while sitting in the temple and wishing I didn't always have to rush to make the session and then rush right back home, I decided to do something different for my annual day off. I decided to spend it in the temple, and by it, I mean all of it.

I know people spend the day in the temple all the time (my own Great-grandpa Funk who famously did 7--or was it 8?--sessions a day in the years before he died comes to mind), but I've never even done two sessions back-to-back. I was curious how it would be.

Turns out it was awesome. I still only had time to do three, but I joined the small group of ancient people who exited a session, then climbed right back up the stairs for the next one. I got to see all three movies and my observations from each session were fresh on my mind so I could examine them more closely in the next one. And it turned out three was just about perfect for me. About 10 minutes to the end, I realized I was tired and needed a break.

I had just enough time left before dinner to run a quick errand, pick up dinner and ice cream and return home to this "We love U" carefully sculpted out of dandelions.

It's a good birthday, but it requires quite a bit of sacrifice from Woo.
Woo: Happy Birthday! Now I need 3 weeks off.
Woo: Next year I'm just getting you roses.
Woo: No really, it wasn't that bad. Other than Archie pooing and getting it everywhere, which is an annual delight.

It didn't help that he'd gotten only 1 hour of sleep the night before and got only 4 that night because he was working hard on his project for Innovation Week at work. I was afraid for his safety driving down to work the next day. He survived, but he's spent A LOT of time sleeping since then and the lack of sleep toyed with his emotions. Despite what you see here, depressive is how I would describe it.

I seem to get asked this every couple of years...
Penelope: Mom, hold old were you when you were born? 
Me: Zero. 
Penelope: But what kind of zero? 
Me: Zero-zero. 
Penelope: No! How old of zero? 

Archie and Penelope were invited to a play date. Archie walked into their friend's room and saw a picture of Jesus.
Archie: Look, Nellpea! It's your best friend! 
Oh! And it's my best friend too.
Archie (spotting a weathered old wreath hanging on this garage): Look Dad! A Christmas garage!

My kids get way more excited about Mothers Day than I do. I barely give it a second thought, but they were all so excited to give me their cards and coupons (and one of their books in Penelope and Archie's case). They're also super excited for my birthday. Some little girl in Primary had their birthday this week, but the whole time they were singing Happy Birthday to her, Moses was grinning wildly at me and pointed at me at the end.

Linus decided to be very good for his present to me for Mothers Day and he was. He was excellent, sitting quietly and reverently when he was supposed to. Immediately doing whatever I asked, etc. I definitely noticed, and he didn't tell me that was his present until the very end of the day.
Linus: Mom, do you know what I got you for Mothers Day?! I was being like Jesus! 

Herbie sat by me in Sacrament meeting and took every speaker's talk personally. He would nuzzle into me, look up at me and smile, and occasionally whisper, "They're talking about you, Mom!" At one point Penelope gave me a huge hug and smile and whispered, "I want you forever, Mom!" Which I was happy to tell her she could.

Ruby's knee hurts and has for a couple weeks. We haven't looked tons into it, but I know if I have a pain that doesn't resolve itself after a week or so, it's my shoes. We just got her a new pair of shoes, so it's too early to tell, but it's a little sad to see her running (still fast) with a gimpy knee.

Herbie, Moses, Woo, I and occasionally Ruby have been playing frisbee in the evenings. Moses has made the most improvements and lasts the longest.

And finally here's Moses in his "pirate" costume.

That's it. Happy Mothers Day, everyone!