Lovely Weather Week

The girl Linus likes spent a few minutes at our house before her mom could get back from the doctor. The second she stepped off the bus Penelope said, "Oh, you are very pretty." Then, "Liney, are you going to marry her?"

Linus got one of five coveted solo parts in the kindergarten program. Coveted by the parents (I don't think the kids care) because it makes those five kids look like the stars of the program. They really should try to work it out for all the kids to have more solos or speaking parts instead of just standing there with a hat on or holding up a sign. It would be more fun for all of us.

Ruby had a moment of glory on the soccer field at recess when the ball came to her, she kicked it any ol' way, and it went straight into the goal. She won the game.

We've been doing strengthening exercises for what it seems she has (thanks, Kevin), but Ruby's knee is not better yet, which is very frustrating to her. Her ability to play at recess is severely limited, so she's resorted to talking, which she feels has caused her to lose some friends because she talks too much and doesn't know when to stop. So an injury, rejection and hurt feelings. Rough.

Herbie had very much to say about a couple of girls who spent one day's worth of recesses chasing him, and then he spent the next day's recesses chasing them. I think this is something of a first for Herbie. He either spends recess alone or playing some sports ball, depending on how he feels.

One day after school he came home and said, "Can I mow the lawn?" He'd just mowed it. "Or weed whack?" So I sent him over to the rental where Woo was cutting and collecting tree limbs. Herbie's idea of fun.

Moses had career day on Friday. The kids were supposed to dress up. I think most kids chose a career and went from there, but Moses searched the house for the best, most complete costume (and the black wig factored into all his deliberations) until he emerged as his version of a football player.

His report said he'd play football for 18 years, have some gigantic number of fans, then retire to marry, have kids and become a computer scientist. But who wants to dress up as a computer scientist??? Nobody. That's who.

Archie and Penelope spent some time at a neighbors where they watched a Santa Claus movie. Our kids get zero information from us about Santa, so they found the movie pretty confusing. Penelope needed reassurance that Santa is nice (apparently there was also a bad Santa in the movie?) and Archie kept talking about, "What's that called again? ... Oh, the north hole."

Also, how does Penelope always manage to wear these sparkly, too-big, princess shoes whenever we go on a hike??

Well, that's all I've got. Hope you had a great week!