School's Out for Summer!

One morning (a few weeks ago) Penelope ran downstairs and announced, "I can count to one hundred!"

And she really could, even though Herbie assured her she'd gotten it as soon as she got to 20.

School's finally out, but not before Ruby's class performed a play on the American Revolution. Ruby's main role was to help her friend Ryan enter and exit the stage, but she did have a few speaking parts. They stood in the hall later to answer questions about their states and Ruby surprised us by actually knowing the twin cities when someone asked.

Her knee was very painful the day after the play's double performances, so I wonder if something about the little dances they did and practiced caused it? Don't know--she seems too young to have an injury. But Vince sent us some little exercises, and hopefully she can rest more now that she's out of school, and we'll see.

Field day isn't what it was when I was a kid. They have bounce houses filling the gym, a juggler, a magician, eating contests, and a tug of war. I don't think they run a single race.

Herbie was complaining that he couldn't even get a bite of his ice cream sandwich when they had to try to eat it off a plate without hands.
Moses: Oh that? I won mine.

The kids often will spell their own names out loud, so the kids younger then them learn how to spell them. Ruby, Linus and Moses seem to be the easiest for everyone to pick up. Archie and Penelope have known them for awhile, but Archie does not have Penelope's memorized. He knows it's a big deal because Penelope was very proud when she got it, and then Linus.
Archie: Mom, how do you spell Penelope?
Me: P
Archie: P
(and so on until the last--)
Me: P
Archie: P
Me: .... (getting distracted by something else)
Archie (finishing without me): E! Penelope has 3 E's!
How did he know that?

Linus was very impressed with the decor in the Thai restaurant, "They must have been rich to get all this gold stuff!"

Linus, imprisoned no more in the kindergarten playground.

Herbie in his bike clothes.

And lastly, it feels like Woo's put up about 50 cameras all over our house and yard. This morning I discovered one in the open broom closet.

That's it. Have a great week!