Not Much of a Recovery

Herbie was a superstar and completely in his element the day we returned from camping. He helped put gear away, cleaned out the car, mowed the lawn, took apart a fan for me and did a few other things for Woo. It's really great having him to help out.

Ruby adopted a wounded bird, which she named Puffer. She spent most of a day with him, finding him worms and making a nice bed for him in the grass. It wasn't long before it was obvious he liked her. He would close his eyes whenever she was near, eat worms out of her hand and hop into her lap when she wasn't looking.

Moses finally made it to scout camp (very well protected from the sun, I might add.) He's super worn out and sensitive. Last Sunday he was crumpled on the floor of the church bawling because Woo told a new family with a girl his age that Moses "likes girls." The same thing happened today because, "Archie pushed me." He's okay in the morning. He wrote Woo and I nice thank you notes and left them on our pillows this morning.

He's also my best food sneaker. This week I caught him carrying a bunch of almonds around in an old sock.

Linus has memorized the first sacrament prayer. He wants to repeat it to me every morning after we read scriptures and he works on it. He's still taking special care of Archie. This morning after listening to him help Archie out the door to church, I told him he was a great teacher. Linus turned to Archie, "Do you want to start preschool, Archie?"

Penelope had a successful girl talk and mothering weekend. She spent some time playing house with Ari and Hazel, sat in on a few conversations with the real moms, and planted herself next to Bergen for long periods of time to give her arm little kisses and feed her Cheetos.

Lyndy: You're getting big, Archie.  
Archie: I know. I'm almost a dad. 
Archie (from the back seat): I found some boogers, Mom! Mom! I found some boogers! 
Me (driving, and not having anything to hand him anyway): Uh..... wipe them on your pants.
(A few seconds later.)
Archie: Mmmmm, Mom. They're good. Boogers are good!
Archie (while I was still thinking of the best response) : Mom! I ate my boogers and they were good!
Free and three are personal for Archie.
Me (explaining how we were getting home): ... And then we'll get on the freeway...  
Archie (gasping from the backseat): The THREEway?!? I'm three, Mom!  
Me: I know, Archie!
That's it. Happy baptism, Jaycee and birthday, Bergen!