Typical Summer

Smoothies have entered the breakfast rotation. I've made some really delicious ones, if I do say so myself. Except the one I threw a whole cucumber into. I didn't realize cucumber's have such a prominent taste. My favorite has been my mock-no-bake-cookie with oatmeal, peanut butter, cocoa, avocado, milk, etc. The kids and I like it. Woo would rather eat a no bake cookie.

There have been many personal bests in the tree climbing arena. Moses made it to the very tiptop of the pine tree out front.
Woo (examining the needles on one of our trees): Is this a blue spruce, Cheltz? 
Moses: I know it's a blue spruce because when I got to the top there was a sign that said "blue spruce." 
Woo: Oh yeah?  
Moses: Yeah, and when I climbed the other one it said "green pine." 
Woo won nothing in the work party raffle, despite Moses crossing everything possible.

Moses got stung by a bee and ran all around the yard screaming.
Moses (an hour later): Are we going to do anything fun today?  
Me: No, it's just going to be a quiet day today.  
Moses: No. Kind of loud actually because I got stung.
We went on a walk. Ruby ran ahead past a hay bale, glanced down, then quickly sprinted back. "Mom! What if I have hay fever?!"

Archie babbled and rambled before drifting off to sleep at nap time.
Archie: ...What's his name? He looks like Jesus? Mom? Mom?! 
Me (not paying any attention): Um, John?  
Archie: No! I do know John! John the baptism. 
Another time:
Archie: Mom, I'm a ready to be a dad.  
Me: Oh? How do you know you're ready, Archie?  
Archie (holding up his twisted tie): Because I can tie. My shoes and my tie!
A conga line of kids danced through the house.

Dump trucks got carried to the volleyball court so it could serve in its true calling as sandbox.

The magician visited the library to kick off summer reading.

Lots of races.

And Ruby and Herbie showed off the dance moves they learned in school.

(The do-si-do is an important part of a well-rounded education.)

I'll end with two more untypicals (or three?):

Woo drove to Idaho for the funeral of an uncle and stopped by his grandma's abandoned house.

While he was gone I took six kids to the swimming pool by myself and no one died! Plus, I wasn't even stressed.

That's it. Hope you're enjoying your summer!