Yay! Summer!

We've had a few rough patches, mostly due to kids waking up early--almost as if they expect us to now go swimming and camping and visit extended family all the day school got out, but mostly it's been wonderful. The weather's great, I have time and energy to do some things with the kids I haven't been able to before, and I think the house is actually cleaner. The kids do the bulk of their playing outside and we finally have kids old enough to do a great job on a lot of things.

Here's Herbie showing off is super carpet-shampooing skills. He's done his share of playing and reading, but also has had lots of opportunities for projects. He's helped me with the molding in the back bathroom, mowed the lawn, helped Woo fix the front porch and put in baseboard molding at the rental.

Ruby spent some time brushing her hair at the mirror, working on her part. I think she finally got it where she wants it. She read all the library books in record time and seemed to need a project of her own, so I started a book review blog for her. She was very excited and immediately wrote 3 reviews.

Moses has done plenty of dressing up--himself and his stuffed animals. He's had a few days of cleaning his room super well and even organized his drawers.

Watching workers drill a tunnel under the street made for an exciting morning.

Penelope learned how to pump high on the swing and can easily spend an hour just swinging by herself. She has also been fantastic at cleaning her room and making her bed. Plus, she found a new place to stash toys to church. We discovered this outside the chapel.

Linus has taken Archie under his wing. He helps Archie do Archie's chores, helps Archie do his (Linus') chores, and makes Archie's bed for him. He loves swimming in the deeper pool and pushing off the wall to Woo or me.

He also has been bitten in the face by every mosquito in the yard.

Archie has done much better at the pool this year. He actually gets in and walks in to his neck saying, "I'm walking on the water like Jesus," over and over again. Except one time he finally said, "Mom, everyone can walk on the water like Jesus."

When I explained the difference between walking in the water and walking on the water, he had to admit he wasn't doing it like Jesus.

Woo started out the week well with an exciting new idea that required him to sit at the dining room table and shout "hilarious!" at the camera in the broom closet every few seconds. But then he had to replace the floor in the rental. Everything you could possibly imagine to go wrong did.

Ruby, Herbie and I went biking three times last week. It was pretty fun, even though our two best trails are partially covered by flooded lake and we can't do them all. I'm not very fast, but I'm still way faster than the kids. I circle around them several times, but Ruby always likes to save one sprint for the end, when I'm catching back up to her so she can tell everyone she beat me.

Well, that's it. Kind of boring. Sorry :(.

Testimony Below:

About two years before I was married, I went through a period of anxiety. I felt horrible and I would do things like burst into tears while talking to strangers. I trying to control my future and force it into the way I thought it should go.

I asked my dad for a priesthood blessing. In the blessing I was blessed to "not worry about things you can not control or that do not matter."

And that was it. The anxiety was over and I didn't worry anymore. I seemed to have been blessed with a special gift in almost all areas of my life to no longer worry about things I couldn't control or that did not matter.

Until a few months after Archie was born. Then I was troubled by anxiety for my kids and all the dangers lying in wait to attack them. I asked my husband for a blessing. In the blessing he said, "You will feel peace except when you are being warned. And then you will act."

And that was it. My worries were replaced by peace. I trusted Heavenly Father would warn me when I needed to be and I knew He had confidence I would do what I needed to do when I was warned. That was all the assurance I needed.

I am grateful for priesthood blessings and for the men in my life who have been worthy to give them to me. I have received peace and comfort and counsel from all of my priesthood blessings; they are the word of God to me. I know that the priesthood authority of Jesus Christ has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and is available to us today.

Bonus story:

I received many blessings on my mission and I think every single one told me to not worry about my family. The Lord was watching out for them, and they were being blessed for the sacrifices they were making.

This was always a mystery to me because of all the things I ever struggled with on my mission, homesickness was not one of them. I never worried about my family.

But almost the day I got home, I started to have strange, unnamed worries for Tyson and Lyndy. I decided to fast for them. I also got a blessing from my dad, where he repeated that I was not to worry about my family; the Lord was taking care of them and also added that it would be many years before I would see the blessings. And then I understood that all those blessings on my mission had been preparing me for this. And that was it. I never worried again, until one more time when Tyson was in Switzerland and I once again started to have unnamed worries.

Woo gave me a blessing where I was again reminded to not worry and I was also admonished to trust that the Lord knows how to teach each of His children and bring them home.

That is all :).