Birthday Picture Overload

Because of the amount of pictures today I'm going to do something different. I'm just going to paste in my daily notes. I've done a *tiny* bit of editing, but hopefully it's not too revealing :).

*i took the kids to do car stuff: change the oil, emissions test and registration. We went for a walk while we waited and when we were done they submitted the registration, I paid and they issued me the stickers, everything. It was so easy and no frustrating trip to the DMV (although the Utah DMV is not very frustrating).

*I found a few clothes at savers I like, including some shorts (I started the summer with one pair of shorts).

*ruby and I went for a bike ride this morning (Herbie thought it was cold and wanted to stay home.) I was super tired and Ruby said, "are you going slow on purpose, mom?" I let her go ahead and my pride wasn't hurt.

*Woo decided to fast for guidance on picking a renter, and he had many little experiences throughout the day that made it clear. He broke his fast on Chinese takeout from Maple Express on our way home from the temple.

*penelope and Woo's birthday!

 *we went bowling for Penelope and Woo's birthday. We found it alright and penelope looked cute in her gigantic, foofoo tutu skirt. Woo beat us all, of course. Penelope was done after 6 frames. She had several bowls that didn't make it to the pins, bounced on the other side of the gutter or landed in the next lane.

*Linus stuck very close to me all day, which was sweet. He was stung by a bee yesterday; half his face was a swollen mess, and he didn't feel well.

*Ruby was invited to activity days with the 2nd ward. They made soap and she had fun. She brought home a box of fat boys for Penelope and Woo.

*Herbie seemed to be the only not overly tired and grouchy kid. He was a big help moving sprinklers at home and at the rental.

*Moses seemed very, very tired. He loves his closet "room," but can't stretch out in it. I'm afraid he isn't sleeping comfortably.

*Archie woke all the kids up at 3am (they tell us) crying about his pillow. Finding the perfect arrangement for him to sleep continues to be a problem.

*I sensed it was time to check on Penelope and Archie and found them crying and screaming in the middle of the pasture. Archie was afraid to go forward and Penelope was right behind him crying because he wouldn't move. I pulled on my shoes and rescued them from the tall pasture grass.

*Penelope's primary teacher picked her up in a convertible to go get ice cream for her birthday. It made her feel very special.

*herbie, Moses and Ruby all improved in their glides (stomach and back). Moses jumped off the diving board for the first time and loved it. He went again and again--he'd thought the swim to the side was much harder than it is. Once he surprised us with a flip (a first for any of our kids), and Herbie quickly followed with pretty nice form. Ruby snuck off to play colors and Marco Polo with a big group of older kids.

*Steven bore his testimony to us all after morning scriptures about missionary work and using the scriptures in missionary work. He'd been inspired while reading about Abinadi.

*Linus' bee-stung eye is looking much better and he felt a lot better too. Lots of smiling and laughing from him today, although he was cold in the pool and spent most of our time there sitting on the side in the sun.

*Archie napped!! (Something he doesn't always do these days.)

*I'm enjoying Elder Eyring's biography and recognizing things in my own life. His test of not being called to Commissioner of Education when expected was somewhat like [something] I received in the temple. During that same session I'd also been prompted to learn more about Elder Eyring's life (and later found his biography at the library)

(Penelope: I was trying to do it like Mom!)

*felt led to work on my YWs lesson tonight instead of on Saturday. Turns out it was so I would go to the library right after and print off more temple names. The library closes early on Saturday.

*im so tired today. Nothing but work, never-ending cleaning... I screamed at the kids while I was making dinner and they all barged in after I'd just given them Popsicles to complain, whine or demand more food. I did calm down after that and apologized.

*prayed that I wouldn't have to do too much work to get the rental ready for new renters at possibly the same moment the new renters specifically requested that the carpets be professionally cleaned.

*woo signed with new renters last night and came back optimistic and happy. He shared some of his birthday ice cream with me and I got 8 hours of sleep. I feel a lot better today. I got a lot done and I was kind all day. What a difference sleep makes!

*kids finished chores and bathed quickly. Ruby, Herbie and Moses helped woo at the rental. Linus, Penelope, Archie and I returned a book to the library. Then we helped a locked out family reunion find a key to the church.

*after quiet time I popped popcorn and we watched the Sandlot. It was funny, just like I remembered, but boy was there a lot of swearing. The kids loved it, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Only G movies for us still??

*i started a fast of thankfulness.

*while reading scriptures this morning, the thought came to me that fasting and temple work together are a super powerful combination. Then I looked up Isaiah 58 to reread the specific objectives of the law of the fast and found "to let the oppressed go free." The missing match in Isaiah I'd been looking for to "the prisoners shall go free" in D&C 128 (the theme of my YW lesson).

(Herbie: I got you a birthday present, Nellpea! Archie: It's a ball. Herbie: Archie!!)

And that's all (after I send the rest of the pictures in the next post). Hope you had a great week!