Humility: The Greater Victory

Well, the 4th of July got off to a good start. Ruby, Herbie and I decided to run the 5k in the morning instead of go for a bike ride. Woo turned heads in his patriotic getup and accompanying team of draft animals.

Ruby dashed off the starting line thinking she was running the 5k, but the turn off for the mile run was too tempting and she did that instead, taking 3rd. According to Ruby and her watch, she ran it in "6." (She doesn't realize the seconds are actually an important part of the time.) I spent most the day thinking she'd beat or come close to my 7th grade mile time, but lying in bed, I remembered my 7th grade time is actually a "5." But I'm sure she'll beat me by then. She's much more competitive than I've ever been (And I'm kind of competitive.)

Herbie (and we) didn't realize the 5k and mile were starting together, so he jumped in after we'd all started and turned the corner around the park before Woo and younger kids could get there, which means no pictures :(. He says he got 6th?

And I did not run fast. Mostly I just finished and I couldn't have been happier. I've been free to race for a while now, but I've been scared to. Scared of the pain of that first race of the season (let alone years) and scared of how slow I'd run, of Ruby beating me and everyone else, etc., etc.

The old me would not have raced. I haven't run regularly in almost 10 months; I've been suffering from runners heel (which I finally got rid of later in the week btw); I only slept a few hours the night before; and so on and so on...  But I finally was like: I'm tired of all the worries. I'm just going to do it. And I did, and it hurt, and lots of people passed me and I didn't care. In fact I enjoyed it. And I thought--this new-found humility is nice. That's when I realized I'd gained a greater victory. And I smiled--I was pretty proud of myself.

We walked home for some breakfast, then Aunt Christine (and kids), Aunt Becky and Grandma drove up for the parade. It was nice to have them come. The kids were excited. We had a nice lunch and then we hustled everyone over to the park to the bouncy houses. Woo and I had signed up to help from 1-3, with the idea that we'd sit in the shade taking money while the kids had fun on the bouncy houses.

I think the kids had fun (how could they not???), but it's permanently etched in my mind as one of the worst things I've ever done (mostly because we DID NOT sit in the shade taking money). I threw myself on the couch when we got home and never wanted to move again. But I did--upstairs for a nap and some quiet time for everyone. Woo's family left. We were able to eat leftover lunch for dinner. I popped a bunch of popcorn and we enjoyed the fireworks.

The rest of the week's been intentionally slow and easy. Well, for me. Woo's got to find a renter by the end of the month. His week hasn't been easy.

Moses (praying on the 3rd): ... and please help us to sleep even though TOMORROW IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!

I think I've written this before, but it's still true. Ruby thinks Ulysses S. Grant is pronounced "Useless S. Grant."

Nellpea: Mom, How do you spell Nellpea?  
Me: I like to spell it N-E-L-L-P-E-A. 
Nellpea: I don't like that. 
Me: Okay. How do you like to spell it? 
Nellpea: O-E-T-T. Nellpea. 
Me: Sounds good.

A couple weeks ago, at the water park, Ruby volunteered to watch Archie and Penelope (who didn't want to go down the tube slide), while I went with everyone else. When we reached the first level of the tower, all three of them were sitting in the grass, waving. The second level, Ruby and Penelope were sitting. Archie was walking around. By the third level, I watched Archie tear off, Ruby chase him down and drag him back to a sitting Penelope. Archie tear off, Ruby chase him down and drag him back to a sitting Penelope. Archie tear off... it may have been more than she bargained for.

A new kid Herbie's age has moved in. It's been great because he just rides over and plays with everyone, and even though he's really Herbie's friend, everyone feels included. Yesterday, he and Herbie rode through the river bottoms, saw a fish in the water and raced back. They, along with Ruby, and Moses and a bucket, took off to catch it and bring it home. Moses was the one who loved to hold it, which is gross. (I made him wash his hands several times after that.) And then they helped Kylor get it home to show his parents (and thankfully leave it there.)

Linus got a red, white and blue outfit from Grandma Sandy last week, which he immediately declared the perfect outfit for the 4th of July. I guess I wasn't really thinking... I thought he would take it off and save it. But no, he carefully wore it day after day in anticipation. And when I finally figured out what he was doing, I was afraid it wouldn't make it through the wash if I ordered it off and in the laundry. So he wore that same red, white and blue outfit for a week. And it was amazing. It's been washed now.

Oh, and Penelope lost her first tooth!

Well, that's it. Hope you had a great 4th!