Random and Disjointed

Here's some (couple week) old ones from Moses...
Me (referring to something I'd read in Henry B. Eyring's biography): Something, something, Henry B. Eyring. 
Moses: He's Mormon!? 
Someone: Something about the 2nd Coming. 
Moses: But is He coming to America? Today!

Getting everyone to agree on a baseball team name and colors was tough.
Ruby: Hot Fire IS a good name! 
Linus: Our colors are NOT blue and green!! 
They finally decided on The Blue Socks with the colors blue and white. Although, I'm surprised they didn't go with Moses' Bellybutton Smash, which everyone laughed at, and Moses used playing Duck, Duck, Goose... Bellybutton, bellybutton, bellybutton... SMASH!

Ruby made chocolate chip cookies for activity days.
Herbie, Moses and Linus: Ruby, you are so good at making cookies!
Herbie: These are the best cookies I've ever eaten!! They're even better than---no offense, Mom--but they're even better than Mom's!

Here's Penelope on a play date...
Eliza: I like all the colors in the world. 
Penelope: ALL the colors?! What about the one that's hard to say?  
Eliza: Which one?  
Penelope: Well, I can't say it.
When she got home I tried to find out which one she meant. I asked her to show me the color that's hard to say. He pulled out Moses' camouflage backpack.
Me: Camouflage? 
Nellpea: Yes. But this one right here. 
Me: Khaki? 
Nellpea: Yes, khaki. 
Me: Camouflage or khaki? 
Nellpea: Khaki. 
Me: You think khaki's hard to say?  
Nellpea: No, but I couldn't remember it. And Eliza's mom was laughing, and I then I remembered khaki.
I don't think we'll ever really know what color she was thinking of there...

Nellpea (out of the blue): Mom! Two threes are six. 
Me and Woo: Very good, Penelope! You've discovered multiplication. 
Nellpea: Yeah, I was just thinking...
Woo (after we'd cleaned the rental): Thanks for your help, everyone. I'm going to pay you all $5. Except Herbie. Herbie gets $10 because he worked to the end, and he did more work than anyone--except Mom. 
Kids: What does Mom get? 
Me: I get a long drive by myself to the temple.
To see Grandma married. Yay, Grandma!

Linus was excited to see one lone cucumber in the produce Woo brought home from his parents this week. He sliced in in small, uniform pieces with a butter knife and laid it all out nicely on a plate for lunch.

Archie's bedtime is a million times better once I started putting him in a room by himself for about 15 minutes while Herbie reads in Ruby's room. Archie gave his first talk today. He told me he wasn't going to memorize it. Someone was going to help him. I offered him an otter pop and he had that thing memorized in a couple of minutes.

Here's Woo's favorite picture: Archie being the lone fan on the bleachers while everyone else played baseball.

And here's some more pictures I'm too lazy to find a place for. Have a good week!