We Storm the School

This is the year I've had in my sights--the year I have 5 kids in elementary school. It's also the best week of the school year. Everyday is an early out day and the kids are home at 2--plenty of time to play and unwind and do whatever needs to be done for school.

Ruby is paying much more attention to her hair and clothes this year. I think she might even be in style (But what do I know anymore? :). We also, by some miracle, got a few pictures of her with a real smile. And then she probably punched us immediately afterwards. Or tried to.

Herbie was the only kid who wanted to go on a mountain bike ride after school. Moses and Ruby wanted to do their homework instead. It took about 5 minutes and they missed out on the cool caterpillar and time with Dad.

Moses has made many attempts at combing his hair in the past week. I have to assume he's going to get better from the only line in anyone's back-to-school Father's Blessing that made me giggle: I bless you to continue to be handsome and good-looking. And that you won't let it go to your head.

Moses: Who made up our last name? 
Blank looks. Um...
Moses: Was it Cain or Abel?
I guess those are the two most likely options...

Linus proudly told me he ate all his lunch the first day back, but a couple days later he told me he didn't like lunch because he ate too slow. He was excited to be only taking half a bagel and half an apple. Hopefully, I don't get any calls from the school like I did when Herbie was in 1st grade, complaining about insufficient lunches.

I took Penelope and Archie shopping for school supplies the first day back (Penelope starts next week).

They sang a duet on the drive. (Go ahead and make up your own tune. They did.)
Nellpea: The flowers are pretty. And the sky is blue. Jesus made the sky.
Archie: And the cement exploded in the fire. And the jet crashed inside the house. 
They ended with a finale of:
Nellpea: Come on. Come on. Come on, jet.
Archie: Helicopter.  Helicopter.  Helicopter.  Helicopter.  Helicopter.  Helicopter.
Penelope has afternoon kindergarten (something I've been praying for so Penelope and Archie could still play mornings). She had her kindergarten assessment this week, and had the most successful showing of any of our kids so far. She answered every question correctly and counted to 100--even after interruptions from other teachers. I remember Herbie paused at 56 and his teacher said, "Okay, that's good."

I'm happy considering I wasn't even sure she knew all her letters, and we do nothing to prepare kids for kindergarten (other than the counterintuitive things I wholeheartedly believe are the best preparation).

Archie took our leaving pretty calmly. He knows he's going to be spending half the day without any other kids. Woo did take him to the park for a Daddy Day, but apparently right before Nellpea and I snuck up on them at the park after our return, he'd sat by Woo and said, "Let's go home. I miss Mom."

Woo started something new at work where he's using AI to help him catalog photos. It makes him laugh occasionally and he's stayed up late a few nights because, "This is fun!" Much more fun than sleep.

Once again, Costco is selling those gigantic stuffed teddy bears that we're incredibly lucky only 2 of our kids have seen.
Woo: I'm telling you, nothing tells a kid you love them like one of those bears.
I'd hug them and the bears.
Last year he said, "What is it about those bears that makes you feel like you're a bad parent if you don't buy one?" And then we laughed at the thought of stuffing six of them in our car, and where we would put them in the house (we'd have to get rid of the kids' beds.) Anyways, we're under no illusions as to the kind of parents we are. We didn't buy one.

But Woo is tempted, sorely tempted. I think it's just my complaint of "NO SPACE!" that's stopping him.

I spent two mornings sifting through all the kids stuff upstairs and dejunking. Apparently, our last crib mattress makes a great punching bag (until it fits in the currently full garbage can).

And we snuck in a visit with Grandma and Bruce at Discovery Park.

Hope your week was great!