50 Years is a Long Time

This was a big week for us: Penelope's first day of kindergarten, first full week for Ruby, Herbie, Moses and Linus and a couple days at Aspen Grove for Woo's parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

Here's some pictures...

That's all!

Testimony Below:

I used to hate school. I hated it because our usually calm and peaceful home was turned into a madhouse overnight. Mornings were the worst. There was yelling and screaming and sometimes even crying. I tried a lot of things: lists, consequences and more yelling.

Finally, one day I woke up a few minutes early, and even though I already knew I was going to read later in the day like usual, I decided to read the Book of Mormon. And that morning was great! I was patient and calm and everything went much smoother. So I set my alarm for a few minutes earlier so I could read the Book of Mormon in the morning and later.

But after a few days I realized that I was better, but the kids were not. And I knew if the Book of Mormon could help me, it would also help the kids. So I got all the school kids up early to read the Book of Mormon, by themselves, in the same room, even though we already had family scripture study in the evenings. And that first morning was the best school morning we had ever had. And I now know that it has turned our entire school year around.

The Book of Mormon does many things. It testifies of Jesus Christ and teaches of Him, but I also know that by just reading the Book of Mormon, even if you are too young to understand it, gives us power and strength to be more like Jesus Christ. This power comes from His atoning sacrifice.

I also know that when the things that have been promised to give us peace--things like prayer and scripture study and temple attendance and so on... I know that when these things don't seem to be working, it doesn't mean that we should toss them aside, but it means we need to dig deep and rely wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save. Even from school day mornings.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.