Kindergarten Days

Last night I was thinking... I'm always so beat on Sunday night. I should write my emails on Monday afternoons. But now that I'm here... I think Sunday nights are probably the best option.

I remember one thing from my first day of kindergarten and it's a song my teacher, Mrs. Hardy, taught us:
Today is a wonderful day 
For I am going away. 
Not to the circus. 
Not to the pool. 
Can't you guess? 
I'm going to school!
I've taught it to all my kids and they love it so much, we sing it every morning before they run out the door to the bus stop (until we ban it and tell them to pick something new).

But Penelope got a special chance to pick it even though we'd already outlawed it for the year, because it really was her first day of school. As soon as we started, she jumped out in the middle of the floor and did a crazy dance, laughing the entire time.

She comes home and teaches Archie all sorts of kindergarten sayings and rhymes, which he also sings frequently:
1,2,3 eyes on me! 
Crisscross, applesauce. 
Don't leave the line!  
(Best chanted while outside walking around the yard in a line.)
And... Write your name, write your name, or they all look the same!
Archie: Mom! I found this ball! 
(turning it around so I can see the label)
And it has my name!

Ruby also had the 6th grade Vegetable Zoo. Luckily, Grandma had a small watermelon for her to carve out a "melon shark." It's exactly the sort of project Ruby loves, and I was happy she'd spent so much time thinking about it, she knew exactly what to do, and had the whole thing done in 20 minutes.

For Labor Day we played croquet in the park. We've never seen anyone play croquet there before, but on the day we pulled our set out, someone else did too. The four oldest kids enjoyed it and improved significantly over the course of four games.

Herbie takes his games a little too seriously. He loses his temper and yells super loud if he's told he didn't go through the hoop or didn't get as many hits as he thought he did. He has probably the best skills of any of the kids, even got poison a couple of times, but he also got sent home before it was all over.

Linus plays croquet just as carefully as he does everything. I've started having him sweep the floors in the morning, because I knew he would do a careful, meticulous job. And he does. It looks like I've swept the floors, but he's still pretty slow. Hopefully, he'll pick it up here in a day or two.

Moses and Linus have overlapping recesses on the same playground this year. They play on the same basketball team when they're together. Moses is really enjoying being one of the oldest kids on his end of the playground. He tells me almost everyday how funny the 1st graders are when they play basketball and how easy it is to toss them out of the way when they're piled on the ball and hit the ball out of the hands of the one kid on the bottom. Then he shoots it.

Steven was driving home from a Saturday session of Stake Conference, when he was lured to the side of the road by free stuff. He loaded up a trunkful and then he regretted it. He snuck them out of van into the garage while I was telling kids goodnight, and into the basement while I was at the adult session. But from what I've seen so far, it doesn't seem to be too bad. He got two vacuums (which we needed) and a kind of fun chalkboard.

Well, that's it. Hope you had a great week!