Saturday is a Special Day

It's the day the marathon comes to town. The marathon is not actually the big draw (Yesterday Linus confessed he never wanted to run a marathon. I told him it was okay. I never wanted to either.); it's the fun run.

The kids really have it made--it's sponsored by Pepsi and they all get a free t-shirt, number and a drink, creamy and cookie at the end. What is there not to love?

Ruby has won it every year they've had it. We keep trying to discourage her, let some other kid have a chance, (she's already run the 5k) but then... we don't really care too much.

Herbie was the big surprise, coming in second, right behind Ruby. The most surprising thing is that he beat Ruby's rival. A kid in her grade who is always trying to beat her. Maybe he tripped or something. Or maybe Herbie really turned on the gas. I didn't see it; I was jogging with Archie, who ran the whole time, but rarely straight ahead.

Ruby got third overall in the 5k, but the competition was very sparse. Turns out when there's also a marathon, a half marathon and a 10k, the real runners go elsewhere. I got 6th.

Moses ran the 5k for the first time. He did it in about 31 minutes. I don't know exactly because he stopped at the corner and refused to run to the finish line. Apparently the very worst thing about the race for him was running in front of all those people waiting at the end. We eventually discovered we could get him to do it if I walked in with him while he hugged me and hid his head.

The worst part for me was all the professional photographers jumping in front of us to capture the touching scene. "Get up and win that race" was probably running through everyone's head.

Penelope rode her bike every spare second she had (frustratingly slow with lots of stops and starts to the 5k start), and by the end of the day... she had it! She's entirely self-sufficient, can handle turns, bumps, and other kids in the road. Up next on her agenda: one handed riding.

And then we finished off the day with the free tickets we got to the football game. Everyone watched football except Archie who watched the mascot and me who watched people.

Whenever Archie hears the name Henry he says very gravely: Do you remember Elijah's Henry?
Anyone: Yeah. 
Archie: I don't like him. He always kicks me.
I couldn't remember Archie and Elijah's Henry spending a lot of time together so finally yesterday I asked him: How many times has Elijah's Henry kicked you?
Archie: Ah. Once.
But it made quite the impression.

Mispronunciations of the week:
Herbie: Yeah! We should hire a limousine chaw-fer.

Ruby reading her new library book--The Book of Mormon Sleuth.
Woo: Ruby, what you reading?
Ruby: Book of Mormon Sluth.

Woo's been sifting through thousands and thousands of photos, identifying all the faces. It's fun and kind of addicting to look at all the old photos. Anyways, here's an old one of newborn Linus, just days old, before he could smile. I sometimes think if Linus had been in a different family or a smaller one, he would've been spoiled rotten. Instead he gets to endure us.

Oh and Woo and the kids spent a significant amount of time trying to set up the tent Woo picked up last week on his free binge. Ruby and Herbie actually held out to the end. I was surprised they had it in them. I certainly didn't.

Hope your week was great!