13 is Woo's Lucky Number!

Moses stayed home one day this week after throwing up a few times in the morning. He was quite pleasant after that, lying peacefully on the couch all day. I read him some Harry Potter, but he was really excited to be off to school the next morning. So, I did do some laundry this week. I did it for him in the morning and all the kids wanted the extra $$ to do a load in the afternoon, but Linus is the one who ended up doing it, and he did a great job.

A few things I've noticed since we've started Moneypants, or maybe it's just lately, Moses often says something like, "and thanks that we could have a... pretty good day." Last year at night he'd be tired and cranky and often say, "today was a bad day and help us to not have a bad day tomorrow."

Also, Linus comes home from school and immediately does his homework. Immediately. (And I don't even endorse that busywork homework in elementary school, half my kids are not doing it at all... Then he organizes his backpack and puts it away and then he does his chore (even though it's not quite time yet). THEN he goes out to play.

Ruby is having the hardest time. Not with the work, she's a good worker, but with the money. She has lost her free money for three weeks in a row. Like it falls out of her pocket or something within half an hour of giving it to her. Before that she paid Herbie a dollar to let her use one of his shirts for dress up. It's good we're learning this now and not when she's 20. She has some time to hopefully learn some things.

Every holiday the scouts come around and put flags in our yard. We had one for Columbus Day that somehow got knocked to the ground and the flag detached from the pole. None of the kids had done it, of course, but they were forgetting Woo has 10 million surveillance cameras set up around the house. He found the culprit in 5 minutes: Herbie. We reattached the flag with an elastic band and Herbie wrote an apology note and then had to call around the YM Presidency when they apparently picked up flags while he was doing that and missed ours.

Linus (on a cranky day, after whining about this and that): Mom!!! The pine nuts are too... tasty!
Penelope (playing pretend with Archie): I used to have a name when I was a kid, but now I don't. Just call me Mom.
Archie (pointing to one of his scribbles): Mom! Look right here!
Me: Oh, that's my favorite line on your pumpkin.
Archie: Yep. That's the mustache.
Which he later changed to mouth.
Archie: Mom! It's almost my birthday.
Me (holding up four fingers): In three months you'll be four!
Nellpea: And almost a WHOLE hand!!

Woo and I had our 13th anniversary. We celebrated by going to Vivintcon (Vivint's annual meeting where they reveal new products, report numbers, pump up the sales reps, etc.) in the Vivint Smart Home Arena. You might not know that Vivint's leadership is LDS. Luckily, they threw out a few key phrases in their presentations to tip us off...
  • ... we talk in our correlation meetings...
  • ... and in closing I'd like to say that I know... 
  • ... I'm grateful to be here tonight... 
  • ... I feel so grateful to belong to this company... 
  • ... And please! I implore you... 
  • ... to help bless their (the customers') lives...
  • ... we think about you; we talk about you ... (he stopped short of praying)
I didn't write down the very last words the President said (I was excited to get out of there), but I'm pretty sure he said some closing prayer type phrases, like "get home safe."

And I have to say, I went in with my eyes rolling, but there was mostly a good feeling to the thing for me. The President is definitely an engaging speaker. Too bad he's so scripted in all their promo videos. He's much better off the cuff. 

Oh, also, I finished painting the back bath.

Well, that's it for the week.