For the last month I have not done one load of laundry; I have not ever loaded or unloaded the dishwasher; I haven't swept the floor or wiped off any counters or tables; I haven't done any vacuuming (except for my own bedroom); I haven't mopped any floors and I haven't cleaned any bathrooms. I never, ever thought this would happen to me in my lifetime. It's been pretty great and the house is much cleaner than it was before. I can finally understand how people had more kids to get more work done.

I did almost finish caulking and painting the back bathroom, but I took a day off to help at the cannery (home storage center). Woo had originally signed up for himself, but we decided it would be best for me to go. So he saw Penelope off to school after making lunch, then hung out with Archie. He made them some pretty fancy stuff that they'd have no chance of eating with me: bagel, cream cheese and salmon sandwiches.

Ruby told me she thought we should move to a bigger house.
Me: You'd have to clean more bathrooms. Do you think you could do it? 
Ruby: Yeah! I could clean a bathroom for every person in the family!
And I think she probably could. She's got those bathrooms all wiped down and disinfected in about 7 minutes each.

Herbie and Woo mountain biking for Herbie's daddy day.

Moses (before falling asleep): Mom, it's hard to go to sleep when your toe hurts and your shoulder hurts and your (something else) hurts. 
Me: Mmhmm. 
Moses: At least my mouth doesn't hurt anymore! (He had a bunch of cankers last week.)
I'm going to say a prayer to say thank you!
Now I'm going to say a prayer for my toe and my shoulder and my (something else, I can't remember) 
Me: Sounds good.
And that's the last I heard from him.

Linus loves, loves anything to do with firemen and fire trucks, so he was completely in his element when we had our biennial fire safety and home evacuation FHE. He knows a surprising amount about fire safety and has a great army crawl (for avoiding smoke). Woo finally convinced him to start reading the Book of Mormon straight through (instead of just memorizing a few of his favorites) in the morning and his reading has improved quite a bit.

The Book of Mormon's better with sunglasses.

Penelope had quite the heady walk down the hall in church today. She saw a friend from school, "Penelope! I'm SO glad to see you here! Penelope, HI! Mom, there's Penelope!" We turned the corner and saw a little girl who sometimes visits our ward and loves Penelope (her mom tells me she talks about Penelope every day) "Penelope! Hi, Penelope!" It was like she was some sort of celebrity.

The beginning of the week was cold and grey and rainy. By the second day I was ready to lie on the bean bag under a blanket, if only I had some treat in the house to eat while I was there... And then there was a knock at the door. Kurt had sent us about 8 boxes of cookies. The timing couldn't have been any better.

Archie was the lone, lucky kid at home who got to sample all the cookies his parents decided to open first. The Cadbury fingers were the first to go. When the other kids came home and saw the empty box they were mad they hadn't gotten any.

Herbie: But those are my favorites! 
Me: You've had those before? 
Herbie: No, but I can tell!

And then he was even more mad when he heard that Archie had gotten some. I can remember us being mad when Lyndy got to go out to lunch with Mom while we were in school.

Woo's sister Becky and some friends came up to mountain bike. Woo went to show them around and also took Ruby and Herbie. They had fun.

My testimony today was kind of a confusing experience. I usually receive a prompting some time in the week before of what I should say. This week I received two, and neither of them were super strong. Neither was wrong, either. I couldn't ever get a clear answer on which one after several prayers, so I vacillated once or twice during the meeting and finally stood up and said one that seemed to be on theme with other testimonies already said. Then I though maybe I'd made a mistake. I don't know. Maybe it didn't matter which. Woo was the star in the other one. (I'm sure everyone's tired of hearing about me.) Maybe next time.

That's all. Hope your week was great!

Testimony Below:

When I started reading the Book of Mormon as a kid, I loved it.

I can remember taking my Book of Mormon with me to karate and reading while my younger brothers and sister had their class. Because I felt great. I felt my Heavenly Father loved me and was happy I was reading it.

I had been taught by my parents and teachers to pray about the Book of Mormon to ask a God for a special answer that it was true. I remember my Dad asking me if I had prayed, and I had, and what my answer was. But I was embarrassed and didn't want to talk about it. Because I didn't know if I had gotten an answer. I didn't know what an answer felt like, plus I was kind of afraid that maybe God would answer everyone's prayers, but mine. Maybe it wouldn't work with me or maybe He didn't really love me as much as I'd hoped or as much as he loved everyone else and this would be the proof.

So I quit praying to know if it was true, but I kept reading the Book of Mormon. I learned that my days went better when I had read, and worse if I had not, even if I had read other scripture.

Testimony meetings in young women's and seminary were an awkward time for me because I'd never received that special answer to prayer, and I wasn't sure I could really say the Book of Mormon was true.

But when I entered the MTC everyone made such a big deal of praying and really, truly knowing for yourself that the Book of Mormon is true that I did it again. This time I got a clear answer: you already know it's true.

It took me years to realize I'd been receiving a witness from the Holy Ghost that the book was true the whole time. Every single time I had opened the book I had received a witness. Those wonderful feelings I felt were a witness from the Holy Ghost. I knew the Book of Mormon was true from the first time I read it. And I still know it's true.

I know the Book of Mormon is a gift from our Heavenly Father for our happiness. I love my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.