Haircuts, Conference and Rings of Fire

In the haircutting arena Penelope and Archie are the only ones still content to just let me do what I want. Ruby wants to keep her hair long (easy). Linus wanted a mohawk (also easy). Herbie and Moses wanted that haircut everyone has, but I don't know the name of. I practiced on Archie first, and it was... okay.

Herbie wanted me to do his real fast before scouts, so I did. It looked ridiculous, by far my worst
one--a mushroom top. He left for scouts without the slightest clue, and returned home still not having a clue. I was able to fix it after having learned a thing or two cutting Moses'. "Third time's the charm" is still true.

The kids have stopped blowing their free (to spend on whatever, not given free) money on Pokemon cards. They've discovered they can get them for free and then keep trading up for better cards. More than a few of them have just handed over their free cash to save for a bigger, better toy. Linus, Ruby and Moses were almost just as pleased with their own homemade ones.

Saturday was a busy day--regular chores (twice), Saturday chores, baths, payday, a special breakfast, and two sessions of General Conference. In their spare time the kids chose to rake up leaves. What??? Turns out they wanted a big pile to jump in, and then to make thinner, spaceship-shaped outlines.

Archie had a bloody nose.
Penelope: Mom! Archie ate some blood. 
Me (not really listening): Yeah? 
Penelope: But he ate some blood! 
(turns from me to Archie) 
Penelope: What did it taste like Archie? 
Archie (not skipping a beat): Cookies. 
Penelope: Not hotdogs?

Pushing a hoop with a stick: still popular with the kids.

And now we present the amazing, beautiful, intelligent, talented, daring, tongue-wagging-in-the-face-of-danger Penelope, riding her bike one-footed through a ring of fire!!!

Unfortunately fire restrictions were in force so the ring was fireless this time.

Hope your week was great!